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 La Confora wails on Nick Satan 
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Post La Confora wails on Nick Satan
An excellent read in my opinion.


By now, I'm sure most of you have seen the clips of Alabama coach Nick Saban spouting off about evil agents and the need for the NFL to clean up their actions. You know, the one where he threatens to limit the access of NFL scouts to his players and equates agents to "pimps." Quite a performance, really.

No surprise that the interactions between college players and agents was suddenly at the forefront of Saban's mind during SEC media day. There's an ongoing investigation into improper dealings between agents and an Alabama player threatening to possibly cost Crimson Tide defensive end Marcell Dareus to lose his eligibility. Without a doubt, there are street agents and runners who are in essence buying the services of some future NFL clients. It's seedy and it's dirty. It's also something the NFL, NFLPA and many agents wish could be expunged.

But it's naive to paint any easy solutions to the problem, and to demand the league just somehow take care of it, or to somehow pretend that the wallet-stuffing NCAA and its "amateur" football factories are somehow mere victims in all of this is disingenuous at best. When Saban calls for the NFLPA to simply put a stop to this -- "It's very difficult for the NCAA to control it and it's very unfair to college football," he opined -- it's a myopic approach to a complex issue.

So let's deconstruct Saban's argument, parsing out the hyperbole, grandstanding and hypocritical nature of much of it. First of all, from a league standpoint, it is the NFLPA and not the NFL that governs agents, and handles certifying contract advisors and decertifying them. It is hardly uncommon for agents to lose their certification for various missteps. Union head DeMaurice Smith has been adamant that he would work with authorities in any way and harshly penalize any agent found to have paid a client or acted in a manner that would cost a player his eligibility. He has made that amazingly clear. There is no lack of willingness on behalf of the NFLPA to decertify an agent for a year or more for such actions.

Rest of aritcle ... ge-players


Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:20 pm
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Post Re: La Confora wails on Nick Satan
Saban is such a tool bag. How about holding your players accountable for once instead of blaming everybody else? Whether an agent, marketing company, etc comes up to your players or not, the final say is theirs when it comes to accepting that money, or that car, or jewelry or whatever it is they're accepting. These are college kids, not high schoolers... young adults even. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions... stop putting the blame on everyone else.

Then again, with coaches like Satan here probably telling the players that its not their fault, it's no wonder they never learn.

Great article by La Canfora... this guy is starting to come into his own... I like him.

Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:29 am
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Post Re: La Confora wails on Nick Satan
Alabama and Saban had a chance to turn in an agent for inapproriate contact with one of his players, but he did not.

Don't whine and complain when you have a chance to do something about an agent when you don't step up and do something when you had the chance. Suppsodely he was worried about the agent coming after Alabama.

And certainly the young men involved have to be held accountable.


Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:16 am
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