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 ASK MIKE: Even Switzerland wants to dump Dan Henning now 
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Post ASK MIKE: Even Switzerland wants to dump Dan Henning now
Q: Can we now stop blaming Henne and start blaming Henning!!! He was good in 2008. I believe he retired after that campaign. He hasn’t EVER attacked a team in the last two years, just keeps on calling his menu and does an awful job in adjusting to what the defense is calling. How can you not figure it out that the Bears blitz every single snap and that the ball needs to get out of Thigpen’s hand fast. And the other point I would like to bring up, how can you put so much blame on a second-year quarterback, with a budget interior O-line and an offense built for play-action and run game? We don’t need to talk about Marshall, but besides that, NONE of Henne’s offensive weapons is a mismatch for the defense, NONE. No speed to fear — nothing. The offense is not built to throw 35 times a game. Thank you. Marco, Switzerland.

A: Aren’t you supposed to be neutral? Have you been talking to Joe S— The Rag Man again? Seriously, you don’t get shut out at home without a vast array of poor offensive performance, across the board. Offensive coordinator Dan Henning is going to take his share of the blame, but there’s only so many fingers to plug in those leaky dikes. We sort of knew all along the Dolphins had limited margin for error. Now that they’ve exceeded their allotment, things could really get ugly. And yes, the Dolphins’ Player of the Game was Henne. His stock soared in the eyes of the fan base.

Q: Mike, how about the problems with the O-line? Carey at RT can’t stop the speed rusher and should be moved to guard. Dolphins can’t run the ball with 8-9 in the box. Not a big Ginn fan but were the Dolphins any worse with him at WR? What has Marshall done? Defenses are still loading up the box. Any thoughts. Mike, Scranton.

A: It’s true, Vernon Carey has struggled this year. His body seems to be breaking down. A move inside does seem possible. Maybe he’ll swap next season with John Jerry, who played right tackle as a junior at Ole Miss and blocked for BenJarvus Green-Ellis’ 1,000-yard season. Disagree on Marshall. Before Thursday, when the Bears were taking advantage of an inexperienced quarterback in Tyler Thigpen, teams were routinely playing two-deep zone and shading coverages toward Marshall. Those big games Brian Hartline and Anthony Fasano had on Sunday against the Titans were Marshall-related. Now that the Beast is injured, the fear is the way the Dolphins offense looked without him in the second half will become the norm. Hurry back, Beast.

Q: Mike, you might as well close this forum. Right now this team isn’t worth discussing. This coaching staff made a bad situation worse. They put all their eggs in the first-string basket. Not prepared for landslide of injuries. NFL needs to start practices in June. And Miami needs to practice all their guys every week! Thigpen had to point to Wallace which side to line up on. He didn’t know what he was doing! SAD!!! Doug, Niagara Falls.

A: Actually, just about any NFL team strongly slants the midweek reps toward the first unit. When injuries start to pile up, yeah, you’re going to start looking ragged. That’s just a fact of life in the NFL. Not that Tony Sparano would accept such a crutch. “Hey, listen,” he said after last night’s 16-0 loss to the Bears. “Those are excuses. I’m not going to use them. I don’t want my team to use them. This is the National Football League. The next guy’s got to step up. We didn’t do that tonight.”

By the way, it was rookie WR Marlon Moore who you may have observed lining up on the wrong side. Roberto Wallace was inactive again with a knee injury. Just another example of the Dolphins becoming the walking wounded at a time when the Bears, for instance, came in missing only one of their starting linebackers. Oh, well. Dem’s da breaks.

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Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:09 pm
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Post Re: ASK MIKE: Even Switzerland wants to dump Dan Henning now
Everyone gets caught up in numbers....we threw this many times and ran this many times....It's not just about that balance, it's about how the game is going.
If you're getting a consistent overaggressive defense....throw screens and misdirection plays. If they are playing hard against the run, play action. If they have two safeties over the top and the linebacker is cheating Tampa 2, either go to the TE on a seam or run a draw.

Henning seemed to get it against Tennessee, but other than that, he doesn''s just been a mush of inconsistent play calling along with inconsistent execution.


Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:22 pm
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Post Re: ASK MIKE: Even Switzerland wants to dump Dan Henning now
Last year the problem was summed up in one word - Defense... We lost a few games just because the defense could not stop opposing teams from scoring. NO & Indy the most painful observations.

This year it will be summed up in one word again - Offense. We cant run the ball, we cant score TD's, we cant win at home even if the defense holds teams to low scores..

Last off season we saw a drastic change to the defensive philosophy..

This off season must be for the Offensive philosophy. The old fart & his stubborn way are gone, time to revamp this thing and draft/trade for some key players on offense.

Sorry, but as far as I am concerned this season is over and I wouldnt be the least bit sad if we lost the next 6 games and got a better draft position to work with. Possible trade down and aquire some more picks..

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Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:37 pm
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Post Re: ASK MIKE: Even Switzerland wants to dump Dan Henning now
I'm the first guy to tell you that I think Dan Henning needs to go. But after that Bears game I'm starting to think Sparano needs to go as well. All of the plays go through the head coach and if Tony Sparano is either too stupid to see what is going on, or too scared to call out Henning, then he needs to go also. I like Sparano's enthusiasm but overall I just don't see him ever becoming another Parcells. My take is either Parcells needs to step in and try to fix this or the whole staff needs to go. Except Nolan, he has done a good job with the defense this season. He is the only coach I feel understands his role and done a solid job of preparing our guys week in and week out.

Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:29 pm
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