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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 3:03 pm 
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Phinfever Starter

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Here we are in the "dead zone" of football and it is extra dead.

With money being very very tight I had to make some hard decisions. (I make $672.00 a month on disablity)

Season tickets were first. Living in "far off" Gainesville Fl and doing total home care for my Mother it is very hard to go to game but I try at least two a season and I sell the rest. This worked till last season when my set of tickets for all 6 games I was selling did not sell. I can't afford to take that sort of lost.

(I will remember for a while that sweet young woman calling me from the Dolphins promising me HUGE changes with the Dolphins during off season while trying to talk me into buying my season tickets again)

Here comes the tip and this I why I posted this.

Next thing to go was Direct TV. Our local Cox cable is better and does not have the signal go out every time it rains. But Direct TV is the only company that carries the football package. We even also have some basic Cox cable so we can see what is going on when it rains.

Living in Gainesville Fl is right between Tampa and freaking Jacksonville. So this is the one part of Fl where yo get no Dolphin games. Even when they can show a Dolphin game the local NBC station will show a very old movie instead (freaking Jags!).

So Direct TV seemed to be the only answer. Not only do i like watching from home I like to DVR all games and watch them over and over.

Well, this year maybe no football and I need to cut money. Local Cox Cable had a great one year plan so I decided to switch. I called Direct TV and told them I was dropping everything, not listening to anything the guy had to say.

What was interesting came the next day.

A call from Direct TV.

I explained that one big reason i was dropping them was the fact that there might not be a football season. Sooooo, first I had to explain to her what i was talking about. See said she was a football fan but I guess not that big a one, lol.

So anyway, she gives me free Direct TV for almost for 4 months just to see what happens with the NFL. Depending on the NFL and my money situation, I might then take a super basic package and get the Sunday Ticket.

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