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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:26 am 
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2. Ryan Tannehill can throw over the middle.

Seems like over the past few days that a lot of fans have been commenting to me that Tannehill can’t throw over the middle. I’m not quite sure where that is coming from, because Tannehill has made big throws over the middle all season.

Here’s a perfect 10-yard pass between three defenders to Davone Bess on third-and-7 in the first quarter: ...

4. Patience, young grasshopper.

One area in which Tannehill could improve is his patience in the pocket. A couple of times on Sunday, he could’ve hit a big play if he just let the play develop for another second or so.

On second-and-9 from the 46 in the second quarter, he hit Charles Clay for a 3-yard pass, but it could’ve been more. Tannehill runs a playaction rollout, with two receivers streaking across the middle and Hartline running a deep button hook:

Look at all the space Tannehill has in front of him:

But for some reason, he dumps it off to Clay, who is draped by a defender and gets just a 3-yard gain. Tannehill had plenty of time, and could’ve easily hit Hartline for a 20-yard gain:

Now it’s third-and-6. This time, he decides to throw deep to Reggie Bush, who is covered pretty tightly on the sideline. Meanwhile, Tannehill has plenty of time in the pocket, and if he waits just another half second, he’d see Bess coming wide open over the middle:

One of Tannehill’s biggest criticisms is his tendency to lock onto his receiver, and that’s what happened here. He takes the snap and never takes his eyes off Bush:

5. Separation anxiety.

Of course, Tannehill didn’t exactly have big throwing windows all day, either. Joe Philbin defended Tannehill on Monday: “There wasn’t as much separations in the route running that we need. It wasn’t like there were wide open guys that we’re just fat out missing.”

Like on this pass, in which he has a clean pocket:

But he is forced to scramble and throw it away because of the tight coverage:

... ... sco-49ers/

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