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Patriots 43, Fins 0 Highlights

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The Good

The defense kept it respectable for a while despite being on the field way too much and the coaches not dialing up creative blitz packages to get Tom Brady. They ended up sacking Brady twice and hitting him a few other times. New Linebacker Vince Biegel and new Defensive Tackle John Jenkins did some nice work creating pressure and disrupting the pocket. I think they only missed a handful of tackles as opposed to last week when they missed about a dozen.

Despite the craziness and the rumors I thought Minkah Fitzpatrick did okay. Saw him make some tackles and be around the ball. He really should replace Eric Rowe on the boundary (if he isn't traded this week).

Xavien Howard had some hiccups (penalties, missed tackles) but he largely kept Josh Gordon out of the game.

Josh Rosen unleashed three very nice deep throws although two of them were dropped. The third was a great seam pass for a completion. Don't be surprised if he gets the nod versus Dallas next weekend or at the very least is inserted for more than mop up duty. I'm not saying Rosen played well, but it was cool to see his arm talent on a few drop backs.


The Bad

Let's start with the coaches. What is going on? Players don't know their assignments, receivers can't get open and defenders are being left on island to cover a very good crowd of New England receivers. Its supposed to be the front office tanking, not the coaching staff.

Miami's receivers dropped seven passes with at least three of them costing the team touchdowns. At some point they have to reduce the targets to Jakeem Grant and Preston Williams who both have serious cases of the dropsies.

Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to think he has Dan Marino's arm combined with elite accuracy. He cannot hit tight window throws and it created a pair of interceptions. You can't keep trotting him out there.


The Ugly

Kalen Ballage. I feel for the guy because he was inconsolable on the sideline, however ducking a pass and that crazy bobble leading to a pick six were two of the worst receiving results I've ever witnessed. He has nine carries for five yards on the season yet we were led to believe Miami would lean on him. Hopefully he finds himself because the talent is there.

Train wreck is too kind for the offensive line. Fitzpatrick and Rosen were under duress too often and the running lanes were non existent. Jesse Davis took a step back this week and Danny Isidora was eventually benched.

Guys, this isn't getting better any time soon unless the coaches adjust. Starting Rosen and developing a quick pass game plan is step one. Moving the pocket or designing roll outs to give him at least a little time to open up the field is step two. Maybe getting Isaiah Ford involved and targeting Allen Hurns, Mike Gesicki and Kenyan Drake more is step three. I just don't know.

If the defense is allowed to blitz they just might get this team a victory or two. I just don't know why the coaches insist on being vanilla.

We're on to Dallas.

Alright gang, I'm going to take a stab at this due to Rich's temporary hiatus from providing our Monday morning misery review. Here goes...


The Good

We only have 15 and not 16 more games of this. Seriously, that is about it. Miami went above and beyond to trot out the worst product I have witnessed in nearly all of my years as a Miami fan. Outside of a beautiful deep catch by Devante Parker and a nice Touchdown to Preston Williams, there was nothing to be happy about. Raekwon McMillan made a few nice run stuffing tackles.


The Bad

The defense was a complete no show when I had hoped they would keep the game respectable. They were flat, showed little fight and looked as though they were unprepared to execute their assignments. The lack of pressure allowed Lamar Jackson all day to find his targets and he more than capitalized.


The Ugly

This is where I will get loquacious. Let's start with Chris Grier and Brian Flores tearing apart the team a week before the game and starting guys who do not know the playbook. Exactly what did you expect? Word came out after the game that several players have no interest in being a part of what the GM and Coach set the team up for. Why did Flores refuse to use Kenyan Drake when he spoke earlier in the week about giving him carries? Is he protecting him from further injury? The Offensive Line was simply offensive and could not even provide adequate time for plays to develop. I can't completely fault Ryan Fitzpatrick and the running backs from not being able to produce although Fitzpatrick was exactly what I expected. He won't last long and the body language of Albert Wilson on a missed 3rd Down throw said it all about the team recognizing what is ahead. Jakeem Grant still has mental lapses and the dropsies which can be a killer. Finally, John Harbaugh and his fake punt call with a huge lead. What a turd.


I don't think the rest of the season will be this bad but we got a taste of what is to come from time to time. Hopefully the Offensive Line finds some stability and Josh Rosen will be able to play up to his hype level. If the Defense cannot realize its talent then we are in for a much worse experience than previously anticipated.


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