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    When most of us saw this week on the calendar we wrote it down as a loss and tried to figure out playoff scenarios another way. Afterall, beating Denver in Mile High is something very few NFL teams have done. It is going to be loud, cold and probably windy. It isn't quite as inhospitable as Lambeau but it is close. Add to that Denver is coming off a stinging loss on the road to the Rams and you have the back drop to the mountain the Dolphins have to climb. Another annoying trait about Miami is they don't know how to drive. Whey they are clearly in the driver's seat for a playoff spot they tend to faulter. Put them two games down with four to play and they can beat anyone it seems. Go back to last season. They beat some good playoff teams to get right back into the middle of the hunt and then fell apart the final two games. So here they are again. They're at a place where a win would put them at the top of the pile for the 6th seed wildcard, or if we dare dream larger, the division title. NE plays both Greenbay and Detroit in the next two weeks. If Miami can do the unthinkable and pull offf the upset in Denver it will most likely put the title on the line up in NE a few weeks from now. I dare not think it. Seems like every time I begin to believe in this team they do something to shatter my new found confidence in them. So like most of us, I still have this penciled in as a loss. 


     How they can win:

  1. Blitz Manning early and often and expect the short throw. He's at that point in his career where he doesn't really want to step into a hit to deliver a deep pass on target. 
  2. Get up by 2 scores and force Denver's Defense to play the run the entire game. The Rams forced the run even when it was only chipping at the Broncos top rated rush defense.
  3. Double cover Damarius Thomas. Emmanuel Sanders is out with a concussion. Welker isn't a deep threat and has been dropping a lot of passes. Julius Thomas has also not practiced.
  4. On Offense you have to take a few shots deep. Yes, not RT's strength and Denver's front four is awesome so this has to be done carefully.
  5. Quick passing making the DB's tackle. Denver is banged up in their LB and secondary going into the game.

     How they can lose:

  1. Give Peyton Manning time to throw. Lack of a pass rush and this game will be over before it starts. 
  2. Leave either Thomas in a 1 on 1 situation and its a big play waiting to happen. 
  3. Start slow allowing Denver to build a lead. They're almost impossible to beat at home with a lead.


I think the pressure is more on Denver than Miami this game. The media has made a big deal of their last 3 games. Also, Denver loses the head to head against NE so if they continue to fall behind it means the road to the superbowl won't be in Denver. Miami .... what if. If they win, it means they can afford a hiccup down the road. If they lose, they're back to needing to beat etiher Baltimre or NE to get in the playoffs.


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