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The Good


Ryan Tannehill - Completed 72% of his passes, threw three touchdowns and posted a QB rating of 104.9. He also ran for a touchdown. The lone blemish on his statline was a throw that hit Jarvis Landry in the hands but bounced up and was picked up by T.J. Ward. Tannehill played more than well enough to win despite facing strong pressure early in the game. Tannehill continues being an arrow up player, now having completed 66% of his passes this season and throwing 20 TDs to 8 INTs with a 93.4 QB rating.


Offensive Line - Despite already being thin, this unit then lost Juwuan James and more shifting around had to take place as Jason Fox came in and saw action at left tackle. The offensive line held up in pass protection for the most part and did a good job of opening run lanes for Lamar Miller.


The Bad


Defense - They had their worst game of the season as a unit. According to PFF, the only player with a positive grade was Phillip Wheeler. Let that sink in... Phillip Wheeler. As a unit, the defense received a -37.6 overall grade, a -15.7 in run defense, a -8.2 in pass rush and a -11.5 in pass coverage. So to summarize, we couldn't stop the run, we couldn't rush the QB and we couldn't cover. That's a recipe for giving up 39 points. The three worst graded defenders were Randy Starks (which makes sense given how easily the Broncos were getting push and running up the middle), Jelani Jenkins (though for some strange reason he wound up covering Demaryius Thomas A LOT) and Cameron Wake (who got double and triple teamed a lot). Aside from all the yardage and points allowed, the defense missed 14 tackles. That tells the story more than anything else.


You expect Peyton Manning to get his, but when the Broncos are able to go two tight ends and run it right into your strength, that's a problem. Now, given how many players who normally show up every Sunday had a bad game, I have to wonder how much of a role the conditions played. The air is thinner in Denver, so it is harder to catch your breath. How early did the Dolphins fly out to get acclimated to the conditions? That's an interesting question to ask.


Kevin Coyle - Only this guy continues calling off-zone coverage against Peyton Manning. I've been complaining all year about this coverage and how easily good QBs exploit it. Manning ate the secondary apart because his receivers weren't being bumped at the line and were not being re-routed at all. And Coyle's scheme is a huge part of the reason. The defense we ran with under two minutes to go in the 1st half was deplorable. The one time Joe Philbin should call a time out to get his defense organized, he doesn't! It is clear the Dolphins are a better defense when the corners play at the line. It is clear that QBs pick them apart when they go to these soft zones and 3 man rushes. Coyle... time to stop running that crap!


The Ugly


Wide receivers - They did catch 26 passes for 228 yards and 3 TDs, but they fumbled A LOT and Jarvis Landry missed a catch that led to an INT. It was an up and down game for this unit as they made a lot of plays but made a lot of mistakes.




Another tough loss for the Dolphins. They are 0-3 in close games. Good teams win those games. Mediocre teams lose them. They would have been in the driver's seat for a playoff berth, now they either have to win out or get lucky. And winning out with Baltimore and New England remaining on the schedule seems tough.

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