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Fins 11, Patriots 21 Highlights

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The Good


Mike Wallace - Finally had that big game with a 50 yard catch and a 32 yard catch for a touchdown. The deep ball was back in Miami. The Dolphins had been reluctant to use it but finally did this game and it worked. It brings to question whether it was a wise decision to limit or eliminate the deep game from the playbook. I know Tannehill and Wallace have not had chemistry on deep balls, but the only way to get better at something is to keep trying to do it.


Jarvis Landry - The rook is for real and is still playing well late into the season. 8 catches for 99 yards despite getting a lot of attention from the Patriots.


Jason Trusnik and Kelvin Sheppard - Two back up linebackers who showed well against the Patriots. Trusnik had a big interception early and finished the game with 10 tackles. Sheppard, pulled off the scrap heap, also had 10 tackles and was stout against the run.


The Bad


Joe Philbin - You have to believe his time in Miami is done after that 2nd half.


Dolphins Pass Rush - Time to send out an all points bulletin for the missing pass rush. Miami's pass rush, one of the fiercest early in the season, has completely disappeared late in the year. And it can't be because of fatigue because the Dolphins do a good job of rotating those guys.


Offensive Line - Pass protection left the building weeks ago, now the run blocking is as well. Clearly, injuries have taken a toll. This unit was a question mark to begin with at guard and with the loss of Albert the wheels have come off. Looks like the Dolphins will be looking at offensive linemen again this offseason.


The Ugly


Ryan Tannehill - Looked good on deep throws. In fact, he had 5 or 6 deep throws that were on the money. Some were dropped, like the Damian Williams wheel route that should have easily been caught for a touchdown. All in all, Tannehill completed 3 passes over 20 yards, but should have completed 5-7 passes over 20 yards if his receivers make the catch. On the flipside, there were a couple of interceptions that were passes forced into coverage. The first interception was a poorly thrown ball to Gibson that sailed on Tannehill. If he had led Gibson, it would have actually been a nice play. One contributing factor to that high throw was pressure. But the second interception was completely inexcusable. Tannehill forced a throw to a well covered Lamar Miller, Brandon Browner was able to get his hand in and tip the pass up and another Patriots defender was able to pick off the tipped pass. That ball should not have been forced. Also, on the 50 yard bomb, Tannehill was late on his throw to Wallace. I understand why it was underthrown as a safety was coming over the top, but Wallace had the corner beat early and that ball should have come out quicker. This looks like the only deep pass in which Tannehill hesitated and I guess seeing Wallace make the catch boosted his confidence and he was letting it rip (sometimes too wreckelessly) the rest of the game.




Another wasted season by the Dolphins. As the old saying goes, attitude reflects leadership. Philbin is an unemotional guy and his team seems to play the same way. And the result is uninspiring football when it matters most. Now all the Dolphins have to look forward to is the offseason and more turmoil in the coaching staff and perhaps the front office.

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