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Dolphins O lineThis is the first in a series of articles addressing each unit of the Dolphins, OL, DL, RB etc, strengths, weaknesses, possible solutions and outlooks. Since defensive coordinator is still up in the air, I will avoid DL and LB for the time being, hopefully that gets sorted out soon.


My first article in this series will be on the offensive line, a unit that has been a sore spot for this franchise for several years. Last year saw some signs of hope, also saw some areas of need, solidifying this offensive line should be priority number one this offseason.


Brandon Albert's health is the biggest concern at this position, after his ACL and MCL tears when will he be 100%? Will he be back to start opening day, or will it be a Pouncey like situation, where he sits half the year.

JaWuan James played well for a rookie, especially on the right side. When he moved to the left side after Albert was injured, his transistion wasn't as smooth, still you can see there's a good NFL tackle in the rookie.


This position is a major concern, who are the probable starters? The biggest hope of the current players at this position is rookie Billy Turner, hopefully in his second year he improves enough to earn a spot. Another dwindling hope is Dallas Thomas, but with each passing year it gets less likely, this is probably his last chance here. Journeyman Daryn Colledge is a stop gap at best, he is best used as depth. Shelly Smith is another player best used as depth, this is the problem with this position, we have back up players as our number ones, that has got to change.


Pouncey back in his spot is a good thing for the Dolphins, he is a high level center, this position is a strong point.


Depth here is suspect at best, it's not really worth getting into, except to mention that it needs to get better. You don't expect back up players to perform like starters but the drop off with this unit was ugly.


There are some good pieces and some potential pieces that could start to mould into a real line, a healthy Albert, James, Pouncey are a real good start, the ends and center. If Billy Turner improves well enough to earn a guard spot that would leave one guard spot to fill.

That brings me to the draft, this will probably be a very unpopular opinion, but I feel we should spend four picks on offensive lineman. My thought is, enough is enough already, starting guard is a mess right now, depth is bottom rung. Dedicate a draft to fixing this problem, while you have these three players, build a solid cohesive unit so that we can actually get a real good evaluation of Ryan Tannehill.

A 2nd round guard sounds about right, you can pick up a top guard in the 2nd round, that pick could possibly solidify the offensive line for years to come. I would then draft two more lineman in rounds 3-5, a guard and a tackle, and another tackle in the 6-7th. Fix the line and make sure it's fixed, it all starts in the trenches.








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