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I just bought Ian Wharton's 2015 Draft Guide which became available a couple days ago, and I feel that it is worth every penny of the $5 that I paid for it  ... and more. His positional rankings differ a little from ESPN Insider's "draft gurus", but if you think that all the NFL teams draft boards all look the same then you are mislead with that. 

The Dolphins have a real need at CB, WR, ILB, and S, so, they could go any direction with their pick. My hope is that the Dolphins think "qualtiy" rather than "quantity" when it comes to the draft this year. That means, quit trading down for more picks when the playmaker is staring right at you on the draft board. We've missed so many difference-making players because of this philosophy.

In my "50 Miami Dolphins Mocks" that I posted on Tuesday, WR DeVonte Parker was one of two favorite picks for our team in the upcoming draft. This is Ian Warton's analysis on Parker.

Go Dolphins!

Big Dave

Ian Wharton's Draft Analysis on DeVonte Parker


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