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Well I told friends back in the 1990s that sticking with Tom Oliva_otti (No D in his name) as the defensive coordinator would be Shula’s undoing as the headcoach…and it was.  Shula made excuse after excuse about he but never fired him and ultimately went down with the ship.  When Wannstedt went into his final season with Wade Smith, a rookie, as his starting LT I told people it would be a bad decision that might cost him his job. It did. A year and a half ago, I said that keeping Kevin Coyle would be Philbin’s downfall. It hasn’t yet, but it will. That’s not news Miami Fans want to read 2 games into a season that was full of hope just 2 weeks ago. However, you can’t ignore the truth. Coyle’s defense is subpar even with standout players. He, like the Miami Dolphins, continues to underperform.  My criticism of Coyle is of his philosophy on defense that continues to play a bend, hope-we-don’t-break defense.  It is a lousy scheme and he has finished each season with a worse product on the field. Even if Miami sneaks into the playoffs with a 9-7 record, his defense will embarrass the fans. 

     This team let Odrick go, (If you don’t remember Jared Odrick just watch todays game again. He spent all game in the backfield) and signed the 105 million dollar thug. So far thug life has cost them 20 million dollars a tackle. Not bad if you’re Suh but bad if you’re the Dolphins or their fans. He is looking like a huge bust after signing his payday. If Coyle doesn’t manage to single handedly sink Philbin, this FA signing might. 2 games in things can change, but so far Suhs understudy, Phillips, has been better, by a lot.

     If the DC wasn’t as bad as he is, the OL would be getting the sharp end of this article. This is strike 3. You’ve had 2 off-seasons to fix the middle of the OL. It is being manned by a couple of guys who should be bagging groceries. Dallas Thomas is every DL guys dream. Throw in obvious poor coaching and play calling and its adds up to a bunch of sacks for Ryan Tannehill.  Not good for the team and not good for the faithful, as this all leads to losing football games.

     What is most maddening about this team? They’ll hang with the powerhouse teams for the most part only to lose by a FG. Then they lay an absolute egg against a lesser team. Remember how good they looked on a Thursday Night as they beat the playoff bound Bengals in Cincy 22-20? The following week they got their jocks handed to them by the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. Who can forget closing that season out against the hapless Bills and Jets…only to lose both and miss the playoffs.  Now go to 2014. They start the season 1-2….beat the Patriots, then lose two straight. The first one was on the road at the Bills…okay that is forgivable. They followed that with a disaster at home against KC.  KC wasn’t a bad team last year but good teams win those games. Miami then went into the hard part of its schedule 1-2 and never recovered. They closed that year with a loss to one of the worst teams in football, the NY Jets of last season.  Inexcusable!

     Well, you can better believe that Rex Ryan and his team will be ready to play this coming Sunday. Not sure I can say the same for the Dolphins. They’ve looked flat for two consecutive weeks on both sides of the ball. While executing some plays fine, they either self destruct or simply dont get it done in crunch.  In either case, the Bills will probably be favored and should be. They could lay a 40 burger up on this pathetic excuse of a defense. We all but know the coaching staff will ignore what NE did to them and run plays completely different. NE ran a lot of short passes and attacked with crossing patterns. They also ran draw plays up the gut. On Defense, NE didn’t really stuff the Bills but did enough to win. It is a pretty easy gameplan. If Lazor has RT doing a lot of 5 step drops, this game will get ugly very fast. Miami doesn't match up well here along the OL. The Bills interior will eat up Miami's. Running on first down will be disasterous and predicatable. Miami needs to open up slinging the rock and mix in some 2nd down runs to keep the Bills honest. Do that and they might come away with a victory. For right now, yes, its too early to call for Philbin's Head. He'll be the coach at least through half of this season. When, and if, they become eliminated from the post-season will be the time to throw in the towel. 




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