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Where do I start... oh yeah! Coaching.


The offensive playcalling is atrocious. What happened to the Bill Lazor system we saw last season that caused the Dolphins offensive numbers to spike? If there was anyone we believed in on this staff, it was Lazor. But now he has become another predictable Dolphins offensive coordinator. Everything is out of the shotgun, there is no commitment to the run. The Jets blitz and bliz and the Dolphins did nothing to counter that. No max protect, no screens.


Kevin Coyle's defense is now dead last in the NFL. DEAD LAST! There are 32 teams! And you are dead last with all this talent? I get that there are holes, but you have so much talent upfront and you have 1 sack and can't stop the run? Your starting four have zero... ZERO sacks! This is unacceptable. Was Kacy Rodgers that good of a defensive line coach? Then maybe he should have been our DC.


And of course, Joe Philbin needs to go. And this is the week to do it. Yes, you're going to wind up promoting someone else who isn't doing a good job. Either Lazor or Coyle, because finding a coach from outside the organization will be impossible. Maybe there is a darkhorse on the roster like Rizzi or Duffner with some prior head coaching experience?


The Ugly


Despite so many poor performances by players, I refuse to single out any players until Joe Philbin is no longer the head coach.




The season is basically lost. We don't have any great coaching options to replace Philbin but maybe getting rid of his will lift the cloud or ineptness that surrounds this team and we may see... oh I don't know.. a good effort? The rumor is that Ross will make a decision today. If he is making a decision today, that can't be good for Philbin. My fear is that Kevin Coyle will get promoted. I still prefer Lazor to move to HC and Philbin/Coyle getting fired. One can only hope that Philbin was simply dumbing down Lazor's system?


At this point, not really sure what to think anymore other than hoping we hire someone who can coach for the 2016 season.

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