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As I have said before, this is going to change numerous times.


C.J. Moseley, ILB, Alabama1) C.J Mosely, ILB, Alabama - Miami is certainly interested in adding an ILB, as there is talk of moving Koa Misi to ILB so Darnelle Ellerbe can be moved outside. Miami also had serious interest in D'Qwell Jackson, who ultimately signed with the Colts. Eric Ebron, the TE for UNC could be a consideration if he drops to Miami, but I don't think that will be the case.


Here are the thoughts from NFL.com on Mosely.

Exceptional instincts -- triggers fast downhill. Outstanding urgency. Plays with very good knee bend, balance and base. Secure, drive-through tackler. Hits with explosion and jars ball carriers on impact. Excellent lateral agility -- flows fast and ranges to the sideline. Exceptional weight-room worker with good functional play strength -- plays bigger than his size. Outstanding eyes and anticipation vs. the run. Very good coverage awareness with the ball in front of him -- clings to tight ends passing through zones and blankets speed backs in man coverage. Respected leadership presence -- lines up his teammates and directs traffic. Film junkie. Excellent attitude, effort, field intensity and overall energy. Exceptional football and personal character. Highly competitive. Humble, selfless team player. Outstanding football IQ. Scheme-diverse and versatile. Strong special-teams coverage performer.

Has a narrow build. Has been slowed by elbow, hip and shoulder injuries throughout his career and long-term durability will require thorough inspection by medical examiners. Gets hung up on the blitz (shoulder stiffness) and must learn how to use more finesse picking a side instead of relying on bull power and striking blockers down the middle. Can learn to do a better job shooting his hands to shock defenders and disengage from blocks. Could be challenged matching up down the field with his back to the ball vs. flex TEs in the slot (man coverage). Could stand to become a more vocal leader.

Bottom Line
Smart, instinctive, fast-flowing, every-down linebacker capable of manning any position in a "40" front or steering a defense from the weak side in a "30" front, where he starred for a national-championship defense as a junior and carried the Tide as a senior. Has the football temperament, desire and work habits to emerge as a tackling machine in the pros. Has Pro Bowl potential.



Jack Mewhort, ORT, Ohio State2) Jack Mewhort, ORT, Ohio State - If the Dolphins would have been able to sign ORT Zach Strief of New Orleans, this would not be the pick, and the Dolphins still could look to sign a free agent ORT. That said, most of the solid ones have been signed. swerve13 (Mark) and Phins Rock (JP) like this young man, and he has a chance to come in and start Day 1


Here is the blurb from NFL.com on Jack.

Good size. Engages with urgency. Reestablishes the line of scrimmage in the run game. Can drive block, widen the hole and seal lanes. Stout base -- good anchor strength. Plays with a load in his hands to jar defenders. Locks on and controls. Good enough feet to slide and mirror. Alert to stunts and blitzes. Versatile. Has an ideal temperament for the trenches -- breathes fire. Smart, tough and competitive. Three-year starter. Is passionate about the game and works at his craft. Highly respected vocal leader and team captain.

Has a soft midsection. Stronger than he is explosive. Lacks ideal length and foot quickness for the left side (not a dancing bear). Vulnerable to strong bull rush when he gets tall and narrow-based. Occasionally gets top-heavy and slips off blocks. Average blocking range. Tight hips and ankles show when he pulls or climbs to the second level. Struggles to cut off fast-flowing linebackers. Lets his pads rise outside the phone booth.

Bottom Line
Thickly built, physical, highly competitive lineman who manned left tackle competently in college, but is better suited for the right side in the pros. Has starter-caliber strength, athleticism and technique supplemented with desirable intangibles. Versatility to play guard or left tackle in a pinch adds to value.



3) Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU - The Dolphins have been searching for a big back that can handle short yardage and be a competent pass protector in the passing game. Denver RB Knowshon Moreno is coming in for a visit Friday, so this could be a moot point. With that said, Jeremy Hill is a RB that fits the bill of what Miami wants, but has off the field baggage that has to be looked into.


Here is the write up on Jeremy from NFL.com.

Outstanding size. Good initial quickness -- gets rolling downhill in a hurry. Quick feet for a bigger back. Slashes through holes. Spins off tackles and picks up yards after contact. Shows good hands in limited exposure -- effective short receiver. Productive in a pro-style power offense -- averaged nearly 7 yards per carry as a sophomore. Takes care of the ball -- one fumble in 371 career touches. Has tread on his tires and will be a 21-year-old rookie.

Average vision and balance. Shows some hip tightness and does not string moves together. Can do a better job running behind his pads between the tackles -- enters the hole upright, negating his ability to move the pile. Gears down to cut laterally and slide to another hole. Average second-level burst. Lacks elite top-end speed to pull away from the pack and can be tracked down before reaching the edge. Was not used extensively as a receiver and did not run a variety of routes. Was contained by Alabama. Character, maturity and stability must be investigated thoroughly.

Bottom Line
Big, thickly built, athletic slasher with an overinflated sense of his abilities and character red flags, which could cause some teams to shy away. Fits best in a downhill scheme and has potential to be a 20-carry back in the NFL, but must run to his size more consistently and prove his unstable behavior is a thing of the past.



Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama4) Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama - While the Dolphins have signed St. Louis OG Shelley Smith, they still have a need for one more G. Steen fits what the Dolphins like.


Here is the write up on Steen from NFL.com.

Reliable pass protector. A 500-pound bench-presser and it shows -- jars defenders with his punch. Efficient run blocker. Is quick to set and gain positioning. Works up to the second level quickly and is agile enough to wall off and seal linebackers and safeties. Dominated LSU's Anthony Johnson. Hardworking and coachable. Tough competitor. Very durable.

Does not look the part -- has a deceptive, dumpy-looking frame with a lot of weight concentrated in his trunk. Can do a better job sustaining at the second level. Not a consistent finisher. Catches a lot -- tends to let defenders into his body and could stand to improve extension.

Bottom Line
Scrappy, competitive, try-hard, tough guy who does not always look pretty, but consistently finds a way to get the job done. An efficient zone blocker, Steen understands angles and leverage. He could be ideally suited for a zone-based ground game such as the Eagles, Seahawks or Packers.



Dri Archer, RB/WR, Kent State5) Dri Archer, RB/WR, Kent State - Now that the Dolphins have hired Bill Lazor as the new OC, perhaps the Dolphins can figure out how to use an explosive, take it to the house from anywhere on the field type of player, a Darren Sproles type of player. Archer fits that bill. PR/KR.


Here is the write up from NFL.com on Dri.

Outstanding burst, acceleration and top-end speed to take the corner and create big plays. Can fly by MAC competition with top gear. Very good agility, balance, vision and creativity. Weaves through a crowd and can find daylight. Soft-handed and plucks the ball with ease. Extremely strong pound-for-pound. Very good career all-purpose yardage. Good versatility -- contributes as a runner, slot receiver and return man. Four career kickoff-return TDs (and was kicked away from).

Very short and rail thin with no strength or running power. Not a tackle-breaker and goes down easy on contact. Limited inside runner. Can be knocked off routes easily and struggles catching on contact. Not a nuanced route runner. Very marginal, underpowered blocker. Could stand to do a better job securing the ball in traffic. Is not ideally built to withstand a full NFL season.

Bottom Line
Explosive playmaker lacking requisite size for the pro game. Was slowed by an ankle injury early and did not return to junior form until late in senior season. Can make an immediate impact in the return game and add value as a multipurpose threat. Long-term durability is greatest concern given tiny frame.



6) Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma - You can never have enough quality defensive backs. Colvin would likely be a 2nd-3rd round pick if not for hurting his knee in the Senior Bowl.


Here is the write up on Aaron from NFL.com

Looks the part -- good size, body length and athletic ability. Fine technician. Smart and instinctive -- can sort out combo routes. Matches up well with taller receivers and can carry them vertically downfield. Functional tackler. Hardworking, respected team leader who will hold teammates accountable. Experienced, three-year starter.

Average bend, feet and twitch, which negates his transitional quickness and allows receivers to create separation out of breaks. Does not play fast. Lacks striking power. Gets hung up on blocks. Has a concussion history.

Bottom Line
Long, smart, tough, zone corner whose body is not built to withstand heavy contact or the aggression with which he likes to play. Will grow on evaluators the more they watch him and has the instincts to eventually compete for a starting job, though teams could always be looking to upgrade his lack of speed and athletic ability. Torn ACL injury suffered at the Senior Bowl will affect his readiness for the season and could drop his draft status by a round or two.



7) Nickoe Whitley, FS, Mississippi State - Louis Delmas has a one year deal, so the Dolphins need to draft some depth. Whitley has nice size at 6'1, 205 lbs. 229 career tackles to go with 15 career interceptions. Whitley is this low due to off the field issues, including getting ejected from the Kentucky game for throwing a punch.

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