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     Gase sent a strong message to his team this week…perform or get put on the bench. The problem is he has to follow through or its just empty rhetoric. The other problem is he is throwing a young player under the bus who made only two mistakes the entire game. Yes it came at a critical juncture but you’d expect your head coach to offer some cover. I guess we’ll find out Thursday how the players are going to react to that type of coaching. Honestly, there is a part of me that is happy with that. However the other part is saying he needs to be careful with that line of reasoning or he might end up with a mutiny on his hands.

    Tonight they play a team that is 27th running the ball and 7th at throwing. Bengals are ranked 11th overall in total offense. Their passing offense is just slightly better than Miami’s but if you’re their coaching staff you’d have to be thinking heavy on the run plays coming into this game. Mix in some quick slants and bubble screens because Miami struggles against an offense ran this way. If Cincy gets pass happy and tries to throw deep too many times it will be an interesting matchup between theMiami  pass rush and their OL. Miami has to do something out of character on defense here: They have to commit any and all resources to stopping the run. I would single up Maxwell in press coverage on Green all day. First off Green is going to get his catches and Maxwell is a liability in open space. This solves that to some degree and as we saw last week, Maxwell will win a few battles.  Miami’s defense stopping the run will be key. It seems they do well but every now and then let the RB go on a 20-30yd jaunt. They have to be more consistent.

   On defense just the opposite. Cincinnati’s defense is 15th while Miami’s is 29th. Cincy held Denver’s running game in check but lost the game to a rookie QB who threw for 300 yds and 4TDs enroute to the Offensive Player of the Week Award. Their strength is stopping the pass and are middle of the pack against the run.  That still doesn’t’ mean Gase can come in with the same plan to force the run in order to help TOP, otherwise, this game could get ugly quick. Gase has a strong tendency to line up in a run formation and run all the time, especially on first down. Teams are keying on this. The 3rd and 4 or less are marred by the fact teams are keying on small ball….ie throws behind the LOS or close to it. He hasn’t done much to disappoint them. Unless he gets more liberal and aggressive tonight, they’ll lose this game. Last week in the 2nd half trailing by 3 they began throwing downfield, mid range. They quickly scored twice then went back to small ball to kill the clock. RT is a streaky QB. When he is hot, Gase needs to feed the beast until the game is out of reach.  That will allow the defense to pin their ears back. My belief is he is too focused  on TOP and has forced the running game to try and help. This has lead to a first half hole in the first 3 games of the season. He needs to up his game here and allow Ryan Tannehill to throw against their secondary early and often.  Tannehill was most effective last week throwing on first and 10. That needs to be exploited more often.

Finally, in order to even have a shot at winning Miami has to quit playing give-away. They’re averaging 1 more turnover than they’re creating each week. They can’t afford that. They’re just not that good. Also, they’re dead last in the NFL in TOP. You can’t expect your defense to shut down the other team’s offense down when they’re on the field an average of 10 min more. Think about that.

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