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Dan Jamroz (Jammer)A gigantic contract purge is financially difficult in 2018.  The team's cap space would get obliterated if they walked away from bad contracts (Alonso, Branch, Suh).  You can certainly clear some space and kick a few decisions down the road (Tannehill, Pouncey, Branch, Suh, Alonso, etc).

Whether we like it or not, next year is going to be a tweak year with hopefully some good draft picks and improved play from young guys.  Don't forget Miami lost McMillian and Lippett before the season even started.  They should certainly improve the defense.

In 2019 the cap savings are much better.  They'd be the following (if Miami were to blow it up):

Suh - $15 million
Tannehill - $18 million
Alonso - $5 million
Branch - $7 million
Pouncey - $7 million

If Miami finishes with a top 10 pick this year, and that is looking very likely at this point, they will essentially have 2 first round picks (usually the top 40 players receive first round grades).

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