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Jets 0, Dolphins 24 Highlights

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Rich Rodriguez, PhinfeverThe Good

 When the score is so lopsided, there isn't really much "good" to talk about. The only good is that the game ended and it was only one loss.


The Bad

A long list is forthcoming:

Ryan Tannehill was completely ineffective in this game. The Patriots focused on taking away short throws. They played a ton of man coverage and forced Tannehill to make tough throws and he did not deliver.

Speaking of which, the wide receivers had a hard time getting open against man coverage. All the talk about the speed and quickness of this group and they couldn't get open. And we were missing the only big-bodied wideout on this team that can actually make those tough catches on 50/50 balls.

The offensive line did nothing to open up holes in the running game and the running backs looked lost all day.

The defense could not stop the run and had trouble getting to Brady. With the relative lack of pass rush, Brady was able to find time to make some plays downfield. In short, this defense looked terrible against an offense that had struggled through three games.

The game plan on both offense and defense looked unimaginative. On offense, we did nothing to counter the man coverage being run by the Patriots. All throws seemed to be to the outside and down the field. Where were the slants and crossing patterns? These types of routes and route combinations are designed to counter man defense. On defense, the Patriots ran it down our throats but we were so concerned with the passing game that we never bothered to try to stop the run.


The Ugly

In what was a tight game early on, the refs decided to give momentum to the Patriots. On a 3rd and long play, they called a phantom illegal contact penalty on Xavien Howard when the contact was going both ways. That kept the drive alive. Later in the drive, the refs missed obvious holding on Wake and an obvious pick play that freed up Cordarelle Patterson for his 55 yard TD. It was clear that the other reciever blocked the defensive back that was covering Patterson as the receiver didn't even attempt to continue trying to run a route after knocking the defender off his path. Ironically, the Dolphins were called for pick plays twice against the Raiders when the players were clearly not pick plays. It is this type of uneven and inconsistent officiating, which often times seems to favor teams like the Patriots, that can ruin a football game. Granted, the Dolphins could have overcome a 10-0 deficit and come back, but these types of missed or biased calls or non-calls taint the game.



The Dolphins will now face the 3-1 Bengals in Cincinatti. After their performance against the Patriots, this will say a lot about the Dolphins. Can they pick themselves up and get back on track, or will they now start a losing streak?

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