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Fins 27, Patriots 24 Highlights

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The Good

Can't really complain about Brock Osweiller's performance this week. He had a clean game, completing 70% of his passes and throwing for 2 TDs. He also spread the ball around, hitting 8 different receivers. He's the back up quarterback, so he should be getting more help from the defense, offensive line and coaching staff to be successful.

Kenyan Drake's 54 yard TD run was a thing of beautify.

Nice to see Danny Amendola get in on the action with 6 catches for 84 yards and 1 TD. Also nice to see Mike Gesicki get in on the action with 3 catches for 44 yards.

The Bad

Forget the YPC. It is misleading. The offensive line barely opened holes for the running backs and allowed 4 sacks on Osweiller.

The defense was as bad as it has been all season, allowing 248 yards rushing and 209 yards passing. The young linebackers stood out as often being out of position against tight ends in the passing game and our defensive ends did a poor job of setting the edge, which is kind of surprising since the Dolphins typically run a wide 9 scheme.

The Ugly

The injuries are piling up. Albert Wilson was looking like the best free agent acquisition the Dolphins have made in a long time, perhaps one of their best ever. Now he is looking like he will miss the rest of the season. You know how the story goes. We'll wait for him to return next year, he'll never look the same again and eventually we'll be talking about what a free agent bust he was. The offensive line is a mess again.


The Dolphins continue their up and down, inconsistent play. One week, the offense can't get anything going. The next week, the defense gets torched. And sometimes, you have the Patriots game. What we have yet to see is a complete game. And with the injuries mounting on offense and the holes being exposed on defense, we may not see one this season. All we can hope for is the intangibles such as heart and will to win to take over and get the Dolphins to the playoffs, as the season doesn't seem to get any easier from here on out.

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