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The Good

Frank Gore may have been the lone bright spot against the Packers... and of course the Dolphins underutilized him giving him only 15 touches on the day. Gore had 102 total yards from scrimmage on those 15 touches. The rest of the Dolphins offense produced 192 yards on 31 touches.

We can also give some credit to Robert Quinn, who produced 1.5 sacks and 3 QB hits. Aside from some complimentary pressure from Cam Wake, no one else really got close to Aaron Rodgers.


The Bad

The defense was back to its old self, allowing 195 rushing yards on 25 carries (7.8 ypc). When a team can run the ball like that, they don't have to rely on the passing game. Although if they had to, Aaron Rodgers went ahead and chipped in 2 passing TDs and completed 67.8% of his passes.

Brock Osweiller is inept. He just is. He's absolutely petrified of pressure, hardly ever standing tough in the pocket and predictably rolling to his right when pressured. He struggles completing a pass that travels more than 10 yards in the air. Actually, he struggles being consistent at anything. At this point, we have nothing to lose by letting David Fales play a game because Osweiller is not a guy that will give you a shot.


The Ugly

The number of injuries on this team continues to grow. Almost all of the speed on offense is gone. The offensive line is literally all back ups. It looks unlikely that Tannehill will return, maybe ever. At this point, we seem to be more injured than the 2007 team. The strength and training department of this team needs to be looked at closely.



As I predicted on the boards, Green Bay was going to house Miami. Our defense cannot compete against elite quarterbacks, especially when allowing 7.6 ypc. Our offense is on a downward spiral. Two full games without a touchdown. I guess if you want to be delusional, you can say we scored 4 times and the Packers scored 5.

We may be the biggest 5-5 mirage ever. When you look at how our offense and defense play week to week, there is no hope that this team can pick up their game and make it into the playoffs. Oh look, Andrew Luck and the 3 game win streak Colts are next.

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Preseason Game 1: Eagles @ Dolphins, Aug 20 @ 7:30pm


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