The Good

Devante Paker!!! What makes this the cherry on top of a very good season is that it came versus a quality opponent. We've seen flashes but yesterday really cemented what he can be when utilized correctly. It seems like the thought of being a bust really lit a fire under him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick did a great job, and in my opinion, has earned himself the mentor/bridge job for 2020. His teammates really respond to him and he clearly is bringing out the best in his receiving talent.

Mike Gesicki made some nice catches, and his TD was so awesome the cameraman caught Brent Grimes watching from the stands with his jaw dropped. Gesicki seems like a guy who's career is about to take off.

Patrick Laird displayed some nice catches, great blocking, and a TD run. He'll be getting more snaps now that Kalen Ballage is hurt.

Jason Sanders not only caught a TD pass on a cool flip from Matt Haack but he ensured the victory with a clutch field goal in the 4th quarter.

The defense played like garbage in the first half but really buckled down in the second half. To step up against a tough opponent in December is a good sign of the fight these guys bring to the table.

Sam Eguavoen came back from obscurity to make some tackles and notch a sack.

Brian Flores, Chad O'Shea, and Patrick Graham are really bringing out the best in the afterthought cast that they have been handed. They are teaching these guys to play hard and carve out future roles on the team. They adjusted nicely and completely overwhelmed the Eagles in the 2nd half.


The Bad

Nope, not today. Today we focus on the positives.


The Ugly

Julien Davenport got abused and then reinjured. I'm not sure he was ever healthy but Miami seems intent on trying to develop him. Hopefully, he can improve into a quality backup.

That was by far the best game of the season. The player reaction in the locker room after the game was unlike anything we've seen in years. They believe in their coaches and in each other. Miami is entering the softest stretch of their schedule. Is it possible they could get to 6 wins? I'm cheering for it! I no longer expect to see Josh Rosen unless Fitzpatrick gets injured. We'll also get an idea of what Myles Gaskin and Patrick Laird can do with more snaps in the backfield. Buckle up because this should be a fun final month of the season!