Dan Jamroz, Phinfever.comIt is still February but I thought I would piece this puzzle together based on a few things I heard and read this week.

Omar Kelly has said numerous times that he heard Tua goes no lower than 3 and possibly 1st overall. He also highlighted a video with Steve Ross saying Miami likes Tua but must consider the alternatives.

Dan Patrick and his show hosts were pointing out that Burrow didn't seem all that enthusiastic about Cincinnati, nor should any QB, and that they are so far behind that it would behoove them to pursue multiple chips to further their rebuild.

Matt Cannata tweeted yesterday that he heard Ross has quietly been expressing interest in Burrow.

Then there is Tua, his family, and his agent oddly campaigning out loud to be in Miami. Almost as though they are nervous about an unfavorable situation.

Finally, you look at Miami's assets plus Chris Grier saying they can do whatever they want. Miami could part with some ridiculous package - 5, 18, 54, next year's 1st and next year's 2nd for 1st overall and say a 4th Rounder. They have nearly $100 million in cap space which can easily be used to target positions that would have been selected at 18 and 54.

This goes beyond a conspiracy theory. I think it is a legit possibility that is being discussed and is out there because the Tua injury risk is high and Cincinnati realizes they can accelerate their rebuild with a deal like this. No team outside of the Dolphins can provide that for them.

Question is, are you guys comfortable with Burrow as a viable franchise QB?