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Phinfever, Big Dave, Miami DolphinsThe quality that separates a good position coach and a coordinator at the NFL level is their ability to adjust their "system" based on the talent that is on the roster. What made The Don great was not only his coaching savvy, the jaw that made his coaches fall in line, his friendships, but also the ability to change his teams based on the talent that he had. He was the first coach to have two 1000 yard backs in the 70s even though he had a future hall of fame quarterback. Then he changed up his conservative approach when Dan Marino came on the scene and started drafting pass blockers. Brilliant.

Two years ago we noticed that Mike Sherman was not using REGGIE BUSH to the best of his ability. Rather than taking advantage of what Reggie could bring to the passing game he ran him constantly betweem the tackles. When the fan and media outcry finally reached his stubborn ears by season's end, he started to try to get him into the passing game. Too little, too late. Then, last year he misused MIKE WALLACE and created many situations which contributed to our high sack total. JOE PHILBEN was forced to fire him after two years of "square pegs in round holes".

Dion Jordan, Miami Dolphins, Kevin Coyle, PhinfeverNow, I don't doubt that defensive coordinator KEVIN COYLE is a good positional coach, but he is in the same mold as Sherman when it comes to running this defense. Why else would he not use the talented DION JORDAN in more than a pass rushing defensive end? I am a believer that the Dolphins have a lot of good role players on this team which is why I did not mind trading up in last year's draft to get Dion Jordan. What position did he play in college? OLB. He is big, fast, and can cover tight ends. He is developing as a tackler. Move him around. Get him more involved by taking advantage of his skillset.
I see a real problem with Coyle and it just isn't that his defenses are declining every year. Ireland made a very bad move of jettisoning his aging yet talented linebackers for young and what seemed to be up-and-coming linebackers, but that does not mean that you cannot succeed with them. The good defensive coordinators can change their philosophy based on their talent, and he is not doing it.

After watching Coyle for two years, something is seriously missing with him and I feel it is his imagination. He does not have to be Shula or Arnsparger, but he has to be better than what we've seen. I would not be surprised to see Coyle out as the Dolphins DC after this season, but the only way that will happen is if the owner forces it once again.





No Fun League, Miami Dolphins, PhinfeverWhat is wrong with this picture? Nothing at all. I don't have a problem with Roger Goodell's handling of problems in the NFL, but this is by far not a problem. I think every player should make an attempt to dunk the football after every play and have the coaches support it. That way the NFL will have to get rid of the rule. The game needs some personality and celebrating a TD without shoving it in the face of the defense is something the NFL needs. Most fans like the dunk and a little celebrating.

Who would pay for it? How about sponsors. They could say, "This quarter's touchdown dunks are sponsored by Dunkin Donuts" or something like that. Where is a petition? I'll sign it.





Are you seriously toying with the idea that Brady Quinn will beat out MATT MOORE for Tannehill's backup spot? I think it's pretty cool that we finally got Brady Quinn, but the reason that Cam Cameron did not draft Quinn was far deeper than wanting Ted Ginn, Jr and his family. He said that he could not coach accuracy.

So, we're hearing reports of Brady's inconsistency at Dolphins practices. I guess we'll get our answer in tonight's game on whether Brady-ball will even be on the Dolphins roster in a few weeks. Now, myself, I am hoping for a quick recovery for Matt Moore and that the Dolphins keep only 2 quarterbacks on the roster this year. We need that third quarterback position for depth at one of a number of weak positions on this team (OL, TE). Heck we may have to keep one of our talented wide receivers in case the Dolphins decide to trim down our salary cap after the season. While I like BRANDON GIBSON, we all know that JARVIS LANDRY is the future in the slot. Getting Gibson was one of the positive moves that Ireland made last year.





Jordan Tripp, Miami Dolphins, Phinfever, ILB, Middle LinebackerWhich team would not need a Zach Thomas, eh? The Dolphins are definitely in dire need at the thinking players position ... the middle linebacker. Last week we watched Koa Misi whiff on several tackles, and that is just something you don't need at the heart of this defense. If Misi, who is a good OLB, wants to hold onto the position at ILB then he had better show a leap in performance this week.

This week the Dolphins had 5th round rookie JORDAN TRIPP get several snaps with the first team. When the Dolphins drafted Tripp many scouts said that they would not be surprised to see Tripp as our future in the middle. While he played OLB at Montana, he has the skill set to play in the middle.

I'd like to get a look at Tripp as well in the middle, but let's keep in mind that he is a 5th round draft pick and he will need time to develop at a position that he didn't play at college ... unless he is ZACH.


Go Fins!

Dave Blake

Chrisian Fish, Miami Dolphins, Big Dave


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