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So I find myself almost alone in my enthusiasm for this year. Other than Omar Kelly's 9-7 "bold" prediction most people are again predicting an 8-8 season for this team. I realize the questions, but every team has them.

What separates the good teams year after year is usually the QB. So therein lies my optimism for the year. I remember being this optimistic after the signings of Trent Green and Chad Pennington. One proved me right, the other got injured.

Ryan Tannehill has played differently this preseason. Last preseason, he seemed to stay on the field longer than most other starting QBs and got to see action against 2nd team defenses. Obviously the coaching staff was trying to build confidence and chemistry with some new WRs. This year, against some pretty good defenses like Tampa and Atlanta, RT had the first team offense moving the ball well between the 20s. His gawdy 68% completion percentage bears out that he's making good decisions with the ball.

His first team OL is also playing well. Add to that FA Alberts and number 1 draft pick James have been stellar in the preseason. When you compare to what they had last year, it is night and day. My gut is telling me that a more upright Ryan Tannehill is going to have a great year and with that drag Miami to at least a 10-6 record.

My confidence in the offense also stems from the young WRs and RBs. The WRs 2-6 are young, fast, have great hands and catch in traffic. Landry, Gibson and Matthews along with Hartline form a group you can't focus a defense on. RT was spreading the ball around in this group a lot and it will give DC's fits this year trying to figure out who to cover. Throw in RB's Moreno, williams and Darkwa and suddenly Miami has depth at positions that were a question mark a year ago.

Concerns, yes. Defensive front is as good as ever but the LB corps isn't inspiriing. Safety is also a concern. Miami has solid depth at CB and we should see some of those guys on the field this year.

Overall, I can't see this team losing many games this year. It is the most talented and deep team Miami has fielded in quite some time. My official prediction, Miami wins the East. 11-5. Here's to hoping you're not talking me off the ledge after the NE game.

Go Tannehill GD2

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