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helmetsThe Miami Dolphins seem to be in a perpetual state of limbo, are they good, are they bad, who knows, each week and sometimes each half brings something different from this team. The lack of consistency is what brings on this feeling of limbo, it's hard to say that they're just mediocre, because they play good teams well at times and play bad teams badly at times.

They don't play OK all the time, which is what you normally get from a mediocre team, they usually play well or poorly, and this is due to a lack of leadership. Not getting leadership from the head coach Joe Philbin, not getting leadership from inconsistent QB Ryan Tannehill and not getting leadership from anyone on defense.

It becomes difficult then to rally the troops, or circle the wagons without leadership and you get a team that you don't know how to categorize, a team in limbo.

Philbin is too desperatly clinging on to his hope of a job to be the leader, but he isn't a natural leader in this capacity anyway. Joe is a "ducks in a row" leader, he can get things organized for you, he can remind people of their duties and responsibilities, but he is not a leader of men so to speak.

Ryan Tannehill is young and inconsistent as a QB, so naturally it's hard for him to become the leader. Especially if he isn't a born leader, he first has to build a platform to stand on, that platform is his play, his platform is not sound right now, so it's difficult to be a leader without sound footing beneath your feet.

The defense has some really good players but none has emerged as a real leader. They are apparently losing faith in defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, with good reason in my opinion, so there is no leadership coming from there. They play well, but during crunch times there is no one carrying the banner for which to rally around.

So here are the Dolphins right now, in limbo, a very uncomfortable place for us fans to be in, a sound ship with a malfunctioning rudder. Staying afloat but not having full control of their direction. The team sorely needs someone to go over the side and fix that rudder, a leader, someone to rally around, someone to put on their shoulders, someone who is willing and has the ability to to put the team on their back.

The Dolphins go to Chicago this week, and this game is much like any other game the Dolphins go into, winnable, losable,... limbo. Leadership is the only thing that can pull them out of this limbo, I'm looking for someone, anyone, to climb over the rail and fix that rudder, no team ever needed that more then the Dolphins do right now, someone to lead them out of limbo.

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