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dion jordanNumber three overall 2013 draft pick, who the Dolphins traded their twelfth and forty second picks to move up to aquire, is finally back in Dolphin land (cricket, cricket...). No, this news is not making much noise, fans are not clamoring for Dion to be brought back into the fold, perhaps it's because he has as many NFL suspensions as he does sacks. Not a good stat line to say the least.

The real questions are, how much does Dion play, and where does he play. He shouldn't be taking any snaps away fron Derrick Shelby, he just simply isn't as good as Shelby. Shelby out played him last year and Shelby improved drastically this offseason. Shelby is third on the Dolphins in sacks, just a half sack behind Olivier Vernon, even though Shelby doesn't get near as many snaps, and has only played in five games. Shelby has been very impactful this year.

What would seem the most logical place for Dion to play is probably a conversation for another day, outside linebacker. The Dolphins seem quite intent however to keep him at defensive end, so I would imagine that Dion will be taking away rookie Chris McCain's snaps. McCain basically plays on obvious passing downs, it's almost a shame that McCain gets punished for Dion's draft status, he's earned the spot he plays.

On the other hand, Dion really hasn't earned anything, he should be relegated to special teams, and perhaps he will be for now. Dion played on special teams all last year, probably knows way too much about special teams for a third overall pick to be honest, but his positional play last year was very underwhelming. Then there was the underwhelming preseason this year, which in the midst of, we get news of his drug suspension, then in the midst of that suspension he gets suspended again. No, he really hasn't earned anything, but his draft status will get him on the field, as I said, it just seems unfair to McCain who has legitimately earned his place on the field.

If we are seeing a lot of Dion Jordan, then I'm going to have to assume that Ross is pulling strings on the football side, trying to justify the pick, I sincerely hope this isn't the case. Dion should be earning his way back into the line up by playing well, just like every other unproven multi suspended player out there, regardless of draft status. He should prove, as Cam Wake did, that he belongs on the field by making plays on special teams and when given a chance on passing downs.

Now if he does go out there and make some plays, and earns his way back into the rotation, he'll be adding to a heck of a group already, and that would be a good thing, for the Dolphins and for us fans.






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