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If you ask any Dolphins fan that saw firshand the work that Bill Parcells did with the Dolphins, the words "lack of integrity" will come out. Most of us were excited about what Bill Parcells could bring to Miami. Even though he was no longer the coach that he once was with his previous teams, he did amass a group of talent with the Cowboys that even the inept Wade Phillips took deep into the playoffs once Parcells left. No one expected Parcells to last beyond his contract, but we did expect the team to be in great shape in the front office and especially on the field at the end of his contract. He left us with a back-stabbing General Manager and head coach that showed no imagination or adjustments on game day.

I understand that former owner Wayne Huizenga failed to put together a quality team, but it wasn't as if he didn't try. Fans should remember that he tried every formula that he knew, and he stayed hands-off with an open-wallet. The last thing that he did was to hire a proven winner and respected football mind in Bill Parcells to a 4 year, $12 million contract to do whatever he felt necessary to build a good football team. He fully guaranteed the contract, but unfortunately he wrote in the option that Parcells could leave the Dolphins at any time (instead of a 30 day notice which was in the original contract) and be fully paid for it.  Parcells, knowing that Stephen Ross was going to buy the team and thought of Parcells as a "dinosaur" had asked Huizenga for that change. Parcells left with 16 months on his contract, pocketed the remaining $6 million, and called it "consultant work". Is that a man of integrity? Nope.

Give back $6 million you old pompous dinosaur!


Let's address a few things from Parcells book.

"Parcells, who was hired by H. Wayne Huizenga before Huizenga sold the team a year later, indicated he never felt as comfortable working with Stephen Ross as he did with Huizenga."

Grow up, you old fart. What are you ... 13 years old? You are supposed to be a professional who was paid to do a job. You had your "dream" job of building a team, buying all the friggin' groceries, had an owner willing to spend whatever it took to build a championship team and was hands-off. What does comfort have to do with it? So, you took the remaining $6 million and called it "consutant " work. Be a man, not a whiny teen-age girl.


He said he opted for Long partly because of financial issues associated with selecting a quarterback first overall, as well as Ryan’s interceptions during his senior season at Boston College.

Looking back it was the wrong decision. Parcells forgets that his formula for success with any team that he took to the Super Bowl was drafting a first round quarterback. He went to the AFC Championship with the Jets, but let's not forget that he did it with Vinny Testaverde who was a first round quarterback (drafted overall #1 just as Drew Bledsoe was). I will admit that I was concerned with Matt Ryan's interceptions as well in his senior year, and I would have made the same decision back then to draft Jake Long. Since I am an NCSU Wolfpack supporter and part of the ACC, so, I saw Ryan play a couple of times. I was not impressed with him. Unfortunately I was just as wrong about him.


Parcells, who left the Dolphins during the 2010 season, said Ross told him four times that he wanted to work toward securing his future with the team but “he never ever does it,… never seems to have the time

And this is coming from the guy who wrote a contract offer to Jason Taylor on a napkin, and JT told him to contact his agent as was the custom of every person (except Ricky Williams). What basically happened was that JT rebuffed his contract offer since it was unprofessionally presented to him. Parcells got his panties in a wad and took it personnally. I promise you that any offers that Parcells gets has to go through his agent.


Parcells didn’t like that Ross brought his “entourage” into the locker-room after games, and Ross apologized after they spoke about the issue. But Parcells liked that Ross was willing to spend money and that he didn’t meddle in football decisions.

Heck, we didn't like that either. Ross has had a lot of growing up to do as he's been playing with his new "toy". He has come around, but let's not forget that he is footing the bill ... but at our expense. If he wants to bring an entourage through the locker room and do his little "owner" things then he needs to start with a team on the field that the fans can be proud of. We would overlook things like the rooms that are like "night clubs" at the stadium during games.


Parcells indicated former general manager Jeff Ireland praised quarterback Pat White before the Dolphins regrettably drafted him 44th overall in 2009. But Parcells took responsibility for the pick.

Face it, a number of us were excited about the draft pick. The "Wild Cat" was the buzz word at the time around the NFL, and a lot of teams were incorporating it into their game plans. Who would have thought that Pat White, who did so well at West Virginia, was not mentally ready for the physicality of the NFL. I am still surprised by that. Still, even though Ireland was excited about Pat White, Parcells was as well. A running and throwing quarterback was old-style, and anything old-style excites Parcells. Parcells legacy with the Dolphins is that he failed to leave us with a quarterback.



I created a new wallpaper and knew you all would enjoy it. I have to say that it looks really good on my iPhone and my iPad. Check it out and other downloads on our PHINFEVER DOWNLOADS page.



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Dave "Big Dave" Blake

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