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Fins 27, Patriots 24 Highlights

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Dan JamrozThe Good

Mark Walton and Kenyan Drake did some nice work both carrying and catching the ball. It was about all that was good prior to the 4th Quarter.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. He probably should be the QB going forward and you saw the offense respond to him in the huddle. Maybe those rumors about Rosen's personality have crept into the Miami offense. Fitzpatrick had time, made some throws and got points on the board.

I'm really reaching here but the defense made a few plays. Adrian Peterson ran well against them and Case Keenum uncorked a few deep throws that beat the coverage, but they surrendered less than 20 points.


The Bad

Miami's receivers continue to run sloppy routes, seem to not know where they need to be, and lack fight on some contested throws. Just an uninspiring group.

Josh Rosen made some bad throws and deserved to be benched. When you have a pair of interceptions and less than 100 yards passing after 3 Quarters you know it just isn't your day. In his defense he ran for his life more than any QB I think I've ever seen in a Miami uniform. He experienced David Carr's entire career in one afternoon and was lucky to finish uninjured.

Kalen Ballage and Charles Harris, who both went into the summer with high expectations, have clearly lost their jobs. Harris looks to be another 1st Round disappointment and makes you question having Chris Grier in control of next year's selections


The Ugly

The offensive line should all be cut tomorrow. Seriously, that was beyond pathetic. Not a single one of them should be guaranteed a job week in and week out. I understand that Washington has a very talented defense but these guys looked clueless. The only completions Rosen was making were quick dump-offs and even then he had hands in his face.

Fan interest. I believe I read this was one of the least viewed games in South Florida history and quite frankly I don't blame people. There is tanking and then there is what Grier is doing...

Chris Grier. I've lost all respect for him because he won't even allow his coaches to field a slightly competitive team. He can't evaluate a QB so he is cheating in reverse to bail himself out. How many of these players are going to resent what they are being subjected to just so Miami can land a QB who is no guarantee for future success? I'm not sure I can continue to support this nonsense because at best it will be Ryan Grigson 2.0 ruining a talented prospect with pee poor ability to surround him with competent players.

Sorry guys, this one stung to the point that I'm letting emotions take over. I understand that a tanking effort will be ugly, but this is far beyond acceptable. Sitting Xavien Howard? Yeah, convince that one didn't come down from the management team. The front office has already lost the respect of league peers and analysts not in Dolphin blogger world. I fear they may end up losing fans not in the South Florida area like myself if this keeps up. Spare me the "a real fan doesn't quit his team" speech. I've followed these guys through thick and thin for over 30 years. Even the Browns (or any team for that matter) didn't take it to this level. I'm truly disgusted.

The Good

The first half offense once again looked to be moving in a positive direction. Kudos start with Evan Boehm and Isaiah Prince for helping the run game and doing a decent job in the pass protection. Several analysts pointed out that these guys gave a performance to build on.

Kenyan Drake bounced back from last week's fumble to show why he needs to be the lead back. His playmaking potential is something to watch going forward.

Preston Williams, despite another drop, made some clutch catches.

Davon Godchaux, Christian Wilkins and Raekwon McMillan continue to look like long term staples on this defense. Godchaux and Wilkins consistently cause disruption in the middle and will eventually receive their due credit for the hard work they are doing. McMillan seemed like a Preseason afterthought but has been a heat-seeking missile versus the run game.

Taco Charlton notched another sack and displayed his ability to both set the edge and create pressure. I think he has leapfrogged Charles Harris.


The Bad

Coaching. What gives with the lack of halftime adjustments? Miami's offense was putrid in the second half and the defense eventually folded. It is almost as if they want to give the game away after a great first half effort. Why are they only rushing four guys versus one of the best QBs in the game?

Josh Rosen. Sure, he made some great throws in the first half including a deep TD to Devante Parker. But two days after I was ready to write a blog defending him he showed why his doubters have valid points. His processing speed is simply too slow at this point and he reminds you of Ryan Tannehill waiting too long for guys to get open rather than throwing them open. Sure, he's behind a terrible offensive line and his targets drop a lot of passes. But you can't continuously fold like a lawn chair in the second half of games.

Xavien Howard and Reshad Jones gave up way too many plays for guys of their talent level. Maybe too much is being asked of them but it is disappointing.


The Ugly

Jason Sanders missed two kicks that felt like a bigger gut punch than you would normally expect. Trailing by a TD at halftime seemed insurmountable comparted to being doing by 1 point and receiving the ball at half time.

The team seemed lifeless in the second half. Its almost as if they realized they are supposed to tank and decided to increase the mental errors.

Miami gets a week off to reassess their situation and see if they can improve this dire situation. Three of the next four games are against teams that are just a notch better than them and it is their best chance to add a few wins to their record. I'm throwing my arms up in the air at this point as I'm already sick of the tank season.


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