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Well, you know I have to have my "toys", so, I created some new Wallpapers for your Android, iPhone, and iPad. I'm a little old school but I do embrace the present as well, so, you will see that I have a Wallpaper with the 1974 logo. I'll definitely make more of them for you all. Even though I'm burned out from writing a weekly blog after 20 years of having the Phinfever web site, I do hope you enjoy the wallpapers. I do plan on making more for you all.


To download a wallpaper, click the "Downloads" link above, or just click on one of the preview pictures below and it will send you to our Phinfever Download page. Select the wallpaper that you want and it will open a new browser page with the wallpaper that you want to use on your phone or iPad. Save it to your mobile device.





Rich Rodriguez, Phinfever, Miami DolphinsThe Good

Any time you hold the opponent to zero points, you have to give the defense props. From Emmanuel Ogbah's two sacks and four QB hits to Xavien Howard with another interception to Christian Wilkins batting down two passes, the entire defense came to play. 263 yards allowed, 2 of 17 on third down, minimizing the penalties, the Dolphins defense really dominated the Jets offense.

Myles Gaskin didn't have eye-popping stats, but 126 yards from scrimmage basically paced the Dolphins offense.

The Bad

The 2nd half Dolphins offense was nothing to write home about. The Dolphins failed to convert on third downs until Tua Tagovailoa came in during mop up duty in the 4th quarter. Kind of amazing to think about when you consider the Dolphins were up 24-0.

The Ugly

You usually either get Fitzmagic or Fitztragic. Against the Jets, you got FitzBLAHgic. While he looked great in the first half with 3 TDs, he did start making some of those boneheaded throws. One of the main reasons the Dolphins did so poorly on third down was Fitz throwing inaccurate passes on those downs when plays were there to be made. And he knew it too.


The Dolphins are sitting at .500, in 2nd place in the AFC East, ahead of the Patriots no less. Considering how the Dolphins started the season, this is a welcome development. The Dolphins continue to show signs of a team with the arrow pointing up, especially on defense. The Dolphins also got to see a small glimpse of their future QB in live game action and he didn't crack apart, so that's good too.

Next up will be a very interesting game against the Los Angeles Rams, who are 4th in points per game allowed and have a 4-2 record. Can the Dolphins continue their hot streak?

Rich Rodriguez, Phinfever, Miami Dolphins, Good bad uglyThe Good

Fitzmagic was on full display, with 350 yards passing, 78% completion and 3 TDs. Fitz also completed passes to 9 receivers.

Preston Williams had a monster game with 106 yards receiving on four catches and 1 TD.

The defense brought the pain with 5 sacks, two interceptions and a forced fumble. The 49ers only had 259 yards on offense, went 2 of 10 on third downs, and held onto the ball for 23:07.

The Bad

The running game continues to be mediocre. The Dolphins gained 94 yards on the ground at a 2.8 ypc clip. Even without the Jakeem Grant 12 yard loss, the Dolphins were averaging 3.3 ypc.

The Ugly

Even though the defense dominated, they did make some boneheaded penalties that kept 49ers drives alive in the 3rd quarter. So there was definitely a teaching opportunity for Flores and the coaching staff despite such a lop-sided win.


This is the first blowout win of the Flores era. With the youngest roster in the NFL and only one player over 30, this is impressive. It is a positive sign that the team is buying into the direction of the coaching staff and beginning to develop cohesion.

Next up is a game against the floundering Jets, one the Dolphins should win easily.


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