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Fins 31, Jaguars 13 Highlights

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The Good

Devante Parker - welcome to the 1,000 yard club! Every week he gives a noteworthy performance and this week he didn't disappoint with over 100 yards and a touchdown.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was dealing with 4 touchdowns and over 400 yards. He has all but sewn up the starting job for next year as a bridge to the eventual rookie QB.

Mike Gesicki added 2 more touchdowns to his strong season and has gone from bust to a player on the ascent.

The rest of the receiving group did awesome with notable numbers coming from Albert Wilson and Isaiah Ford. Kind of weird that in a year with a rich draft crop of WRs Miami seems to be set at the position going into 2020.

The defense as a whole was not good but the front seven did a nice job. They sacked Andy Dalton 4 times, hit him another 6 times, had 6 tackles for a loss, forced a fumble and held the Bengals to 59 yards rushing. Special shutout to Christian Wilkins for catching a pass, fumbling it and still scoring the touchdown as a fullback.


The Bad

Miami's pass defense was awful. The pass rush wasn't stellar but there is no reason Andy Dalton should have lit the secondary up like that, especially being down most of the game.

Miami's running game had some decent moments but overall it just cannot be relied on to grind out a game. Yes they are using two rookie backs trying to squeeze through nonexistent running lanes but I expected more against the lowly Bengals


The Ugly

What was up with the coaches allowing Cincinnati back into that game? There was a chance to step on their throats and take no prisoners. Instead they lost the lead and went into overtime. This was Cincinnati, not a top 5 team launching that type of comeback.

I guess the Tank Squad hoping for a top draft selection had to cry into their beers after Miami ensured they won't be any worse than the 3rd overall pick in April.

One more game to go guys. I can't say it has been fun to endure but there have been a few interesting moments. Miami heads up to Foxboro next Sunday hoping to shock the Patriots and send them into the playoffs on a down note. Then we start diving into all of the offseason chatter about who stays, who goes and who Miami will target in the draft and free agency.

Hoping all of you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

The Good

Devante Parker came back with a vengeance to haul in 2 TDs and 74 receiving yards. He is 46 yards and 2 more TDs away from having a 1,000-yard season and double-digit trips to the end zone.

This is a stretch, but statistically, the running game produced 89 yards on 21 carries. If you add Fitzpatrick's scrambles they went for over 100 yards.

Miami had 5 receivers with a catch of 19 yards or more. You don't always see that with this anemic offense.

Miami picked off Eli Manning 3 times with Jerome Baker, Vince Biegel, and Nik Needham each recording an interception.


The Bad

Where do I begin? Miami's secondary was absolutely shredded by Manning in the second and looked like they were mailing it in.

Atrocious tackling and being manhandled at the line of scrimmage allowed Saquon Barkley to off for 112 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Javorius Allen added another TD to rub salt in the wound.

Despite adding a few decent runs and doing a solid job pass blocking, Patrick Laird dropped two key passes and was brought down for a safety.

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to learn how to slide. Not only did he lose a fumble on a brutal hit, he nearly cost himself potentially playing next season with the shot he took. Thankfully that crazy version of Fitzpatrick has mostly been reined in this year.


The Ugly

The offensive line. I am running out of ways to describe how poorly they have played. You almost feel bad because you know they are being set up to fail.

I mentioned Laird's safety and its worth noting again because he was dropped three yards deep in the end zone behind what is supposed to be a wall of blockers.

The defensive line was embarrassed. Couldn't stop the run, gave Eli all day to throw and were simply dominated by a bad team.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around yesterday. How do you intercept Manning 3 times, hold the Giants to 7 points in the 1st half, and then lose 36-20? Fitzpatrick completed some long throws and the backs sprung loose for a couple of nice runs but it was like the Dolphins of old where they looked great between the 20s. Putting up points...yeah that wasn't happening.

So much for making a statement and beating up on bad teams. Andy Dalton will be able to shred the secondary next week and make this game much closer than it should be. I guess the only good news is that if Miami loses out they'll probably end up with 2nd overall pick and the rights to Chase Young. Or if you love Joe Burrow then root for Cincinnati to beat Miami and upset Cleveland the following week which would give Miami the 1st overall pick. Honestly, I could see it happening because Cleveland is in turmoil right now.


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Week 4: Seahawks at Dolphins, Sun @ 1 pm

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