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The 6-8 Indianapolis Colts, coming off a crushing 16-10 loss at home to the Houston Texans take on the floundering 5-9 Miami Dolphins, coming off an abysmal 30-14 loss at San Diego.  The Colts are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive and need help from the Texans.  The Dolphins are just playing out the season, and if you are a Dolphin fan, you are wanting to see the Dolphins get as high a pick as possible, either to use of the trade down to acquire additional picks.


The game is a 1:00 kickoff in Miami on CBS, and it could very well be HC Chuck Pagano next to last game with the Colts, as he is without a doubt on the Hot Seat in Indianapolis.  I saw his name linked with Miami in the last few days, and he would be an interesting candidate.  He has had success with the Colts, but for him, there is some major friction between him and GM Ryan Grigson.  Here is an article from Conor Orr of NFL.com on the situation.


If Colts coach Chuck Pagano ends up being fired, will he really be in Boise, Idaho, playing with his granddaughters like he promised?

Per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, Pagano will be a hot coaching candidate if he hits the market. The Miami Dolphins, who likely are searching for more than just the next promising coordinator, could be looking outside the box for their opening.

While this would mean that Miami owner Stephen Ross and executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum would both pass over some coaches with Bill Parcells ties -- which would be a fairly significant development -- it shows that Pagano might be more coveted than we think.

This will be Pagano's first season as a head coach in which he did not win 11 games, which is a plateau that more than half of the NFL would sign up for in a heartbeat. The fact that he has clashed with general manager Ryan Grigson in the past and the fact that Andrew Luck has yet to produce a Super Bowl are working against him, as is the fact that his deal will run out at the end of the season.

Per Rapoport, Pagano is still coaching for his job and while signs point to an eventual breakup, it could turn into a situation where the Colts realize the grass is not always greener.

Perhaps Pagano can resist those bucolic afternoons in Boise for just a little longer.



Miami Dolphins – 2015

    Well it has been awhile since my last blog. I have to hand it to sports writers. No matter how bad, they have to keep on writing. Anyway, I’ve heard the lack of talent excuse already being thrown out to excuse what’s happening in Miami. My  thoughts are that if they get a real coach, it will turn around.  Even the fan base can spot the issues… WR’s running routes in the same area…like within 5 yards of each other. Blitzes where the DBs are 10yds off the WRs…. Being in complete man coverage with a RB in the backfield…. I could go on and on but the Dolphins problems appear to all be scheme and motivation.  That’s the good news. The bad news is finding a good coach is like finding gold on a hike. It just doesn’t happen very often. It will be interesting to see how all of this drama plays out in the off-season.

    Campbell – Its hard not to give the guy a shot. He’ll likely split the last 2 and finish almost .500. Given the awful circumstances a year to find his feet might not be a bad option. What have the Dolphins got to lose? I’d say 1 year even if he loses the last 2 due to Ross shooting off his oversized mouth about wanting to pay top dollar for a coach. Ross will excuse his terrible behavior anyway he wants but until he hires a decent President and GM tandem and let them run the team, Miami might never get out of the tailspin. Contrast him with Robert Kraft. Is Kraft out there trying to fill jobs? No. He let’s his people do their jobs. The only time you hear about him is if he is out defending his players. Even his ex-players love him and its genuine. No one likes Ross…. And that permeates the organization as a whole.  My fear is we will end up witnessing another Todd Bowles situation unfold a couple of years from now with Campbell and Ross’s incompetence will again be on display.

Holes – yes there seems to be a ton but really there is Guard, CB and LB probably in that order. It isn’t uncommon to find sleeper guards and LBs in the draft. CB might be another issue altogether. Tough to draft a kid that plays that position well. The problem Miami has now is they’re saddled with two huge contracts… RT and Suh. That will limit what they can do in the FA market. Miami really needs a few things to go well for them in the off-season to be competitive next season. We’re all hoping for that.




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