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Syh Tripped When I first watched the game full speed two things hit me pretty hard: Miami’s defense isn’t as good as it should be. 2. The offense is pretty lousy as well. After re-watching the game here’s some things I noticed. First, Washington played the dirtiest game I’ve seen in a review that I ever remember. That is saying something because Kubiak’s Texans were cheapshot artists as well. They were mild compared to this year’s Washington Redskins. In the above photo, you see Suh engaged with the center  while the guard (75) whose number isn’t seen is purposely sticking his leg out to hit Suh in the lower leg. It was purposeful because the video shows his leg go straight and stiff as he stuck it out.  Later in the same series, you had the RB purposely leg whip Olivier Vernon the RDE for Miami. Vernon had to the leave the game with an injury.  It was no surprise to me that the players openly complained that they were playing trying to preserve their careers rather than to win the game. It is really hard for Miami to complain about this because Suh himself is a dirty player. He not only kicked Morris’s helmet but gouged the eye of the RT on another play.  So before they can complain, they’re going to have to get Suh under control.


Suh poor angle

    Now to Suh’s play. He just wasn’t that good. As a matter of fact on one play in the 3rd quarter he was unblocked and simply took a poor angle to the RB. Throughout the game Miami’s defense looked better with Philips in the game and Suh on the sideline. This game is just a data point but what a colossal failure this would be if Suh is simply there to collect a check.  On the one play in the photo, Suh was unblocked and instead of staying on the pulling guard’s hip, he jumps upfield and is unable to catch the speedy Morris and the play went for 10 yards. It is also keen to note the cut block being thrown at the LB’s knee in the photo. I think we can officially change their names to the Washington Dirty Skins. 


 The problem is this team has taken on the same passive attitude as their coach which is why they continually play down to the level fo the competition. This leaves them getting upset several times a year. Shula had a simple formula for getting into the playoffs: You beat the teams you should beat. Miami under Philbin has lost quite a few games against teams they should beat. Which is why most of us can't sit back and relax in the 4th quarter of most games. I don't suspect playing Jacksonville is going to be any different. I expect this will again be a game where they allow an inferior team to hang around well into the 4th quarter. I hope not, but theres very little to make me think different. Let's hope Lazor and Tannehill are over their first game jitters. Both guys had a very forgettable performance. It would be nice to see what this defense can do with a 3 score lead. 




The Good


Jarvis Landry was the game changer, returning a punt for a 69 yard touchdown. Landry also chipped in with 8 catches for 53 yards. Landry showed toughness throughout the game, fighting for yards. The return for a touchdown was the difference in the game.


Jordan Cameron was invisible most of the preseason, but against the Redskins he had 4 catches for 73 yards, giving Ryan Tannehill that much needed seam threat.


Reshad Jones was everywhere on defense. He had 12 tackles and a pass defensed and at times seemed like the only player playing hard on defense.


Brent Grimes and Brice McCain had beautiful interceptions on defense. Grimes jumped a route and if he had kept his balance he may have had a pick 6. McCain's interception was even more impressive as it was not a terrible throw, he simply outfought Pierre Garcon for the ball.


Matt Darr's punts have made us forget about Brandon Fields.


The Bad


The Dolphins front seven, especially the defensive line, did not impress. At all. The Redskins were able to rush for 141 yards on 37 carries (4.4 ypc). The front 7 was especially bad in the 1st half. The Redskins controlled time of possession and were gashing the Dolphins at 5-6 yards a pop early. The pass rush was barely visible. The only person that managed a sack was Jordan Phillip, who would be the last person you'd expect to get the first sack of the year. Ndamukong Suh was invisible, getting double teamed on almost every play. The other defensive linemen were unable to take advantage. It was a shameful showing for a unit that is making so much money.


The offensive line continued to allow pressure up the middle in key moments. The Redskins managed 3 sacks and multiple pressures on Tannehill. The Dolphins were also unable to get much push early on and no push in short yardage situations.


Coaching left a lot to be desired. With the talent that Miami has on defense, I have to assume it is the scheme that is the problem. On offense, the imbalanced play calling continues, with the Dolphins underutilizing Lamar Miller in the run game and calling questionable plays at certain times. Joe Philbin still seems incapable of firing up his team.


The Ugly


Ryan Tannehill demonstrated quite a bit of inconsistency. His missed throw to a wide open Dion Sims not only left points on the board, but got out back up tight end injured with a concussion. That should have been an easy throw but was way out of bounds. Tannehill had time to set his feet and Sims was wide open. No excuse on that one. Tannehill also missed another sideline throw on the run to Kenny Stills and missed Jarvis Landry wide open down the field in the 2nd half. He also had two near interceptions. However, he did complete a high percentage of his passes on 3rd down, did lead a drive for a touchdown before the end of the half and had some beautiful downfield throws to Jordan Cameron and Jarvis Landry. It was a mixed back for Tannehill. He has to be better.


De-activate LeMike James and activate Jonas Gray. The end.




A win is a win. And a win on the road is always big. But this was a hapless Washington team with no real QB and a pretty bad defense. The Dolphins did not inspired confidence with this performance. They got lucky that one bad punt allowed Landry to take it to the house. This type of performance cannot continue against better competition. The Dolphins looked like the same team that ended the 2014 season. Allowing runs, pass plays down field, no pressure and stalling on offense at key times.


I hope the Dolphins have something that inspires more confidence in store when we face the Jaguars next week.




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