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Phinfever: 20 + Years!


The Good


Football games like this are finite.


The Bad


Let's start with the offensive line. They have been terrible pretty much all season. Run blocking is even worse than last year, and last year was pretty bad as Jay Ajayi led the league in getting hit in the backfield. This season, he may double that. Ajayi is being met before getting back to the line of scrimmage on a consistent basis. And he seems to be wearing down as he wasn't able to break tackles against the Ravens. Pass protection was awful too as Matt Moore was getting hit frequently. This offensive line has to be near the bottom in both categories. It is time to blow this unit up.


Matt Moore, two pick sixes. It's bad enough that the offense can't score. It is worse when they can score but for the other team. This should dispel the notion that Moore was going to play so well in Cutler's absence that it would create a QB controversy. The fact of the matter is that while the offensive line continues to be a problem, as it has been for YEARS in Miami, then it doesn't matter who you put at quarterback.


The defensive front 7 could not stop the run, even when Ryan Mallet came in at quarterback and it was obvious the Ravens would hardly throw.


The Ugly


The sequence where Kiko Alonso hit Joe Flacco and knocked him out of the game. The ensuing scrum and then the behavior of Ndamukong Suh the rest of the game to hurt his team with stupid penalties.


Speaking of penalties, did someone forget to tell Laremy Tunsil the snap count?


Finally, why does it seem like a constant issue on every play where someone seems to be lost? Is the coaching staff doing an effective enough job of preparing players? Someone always seems to be blocking the wrong way, running the wrong route or looking lost before the play. I think this is a bigger issue than a few players playing dumb, because our best players are doing it and it happens too frequently.




What is there to say to a 40-0 drubbing? There aren't one or two things to fix to change the result. Well, the offensive line would be a good start as it is impacting both the running and passing game.


But hey, we only gave up 3 sacks so it can't be that bad.... right?


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