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Phinfever, Rich Rodriguez, Good Bad UglyThe Good

Not much good to talk about in a game where you lose 35-0. The lone bright spot was that the defense was able to force 2 turnovers and was able to make Josh Allen have a pedestrian game. But...

The Bad

The offensive line continues to be the weakest unit on this team. Tua was able to play all of 9 snaps and in that period was sacked twice and knocked out of the game with a vicious QB hit. Austin Jackson and Jesse Davis were playing that matador-style pass pro. Some significant changes need to come to the offensive line, and fast, if this offense is going to be productive. By the time the game was done, the Bills had sacked Dolphins QBs 6 times and had countless hits, many of coming come from unblocked blitzers or rushers. Aside from the offensive line play being putrid, the blocking schemes or how these guys are being told to play was also a problem. Oftentimes, the tackles were doubling on an inside rusher when it was obvious that a rusher was coming off the edge. This needs to be corrected immediately.

The front seven continues to struggle in getting to the QB. Josh Allen was sacked once, but for the most part, he had as much time to throw as he needed.

The Ugly

Jacoby Brissett came into a tough situation (he was sacked 4 times and hit numerous other times0. He showed some flashes and improvisation, but overall also had an ugly performance. Hard to evaluate any QB behind such a porous offensive line and it has a downhill effect. You can't evaluate the RBs because either they do not get enough carries since you are playing from behind or can't run the ball anyway. Hard to evaluate WRs and TEs when the QB cannot get off a good throw.


Year 3 of a rebuild and right now it is looking like another failure. Mostly because aside from a franchise QB, the Dolphins biggest need for the past two decades has been the offensive line. If the Dolphins acquire a left tackle, they forget about the guards. If they have guards, they forget about center. The Dolphins have not built a good offensive line since probably the season when Ricky Williams had 1800+ rushing yards.

This issue needs to be figured out quickly if the Dolphins are going to have a shot at a playoff berth.

The Good

The Dolphins +1 in turnover ratio and only had 5 penalties for 28 yards. This was the difference in the game as the team struggled to do anything else consistently well.

The Bad

The Dolphins were soundly beaten in the time of possession department. This is a combination of the Patriots running the ball well (125 yards, 4.2 ypc) and the Dolphins being inconsistent in running the ball (74 yards, 3.2 ypc). The only player that ran the ball well for the Dolphins was Myles Gaskin (9 carries, 49 yards) but obviously, he did not get enough touches.

Pass protection was iffy, with Tua having to run for his life more than a couple of times, including on an ill-fated play where he was trying to get away from pressure and chucked up a pass to the sideline that was picked off by Jonathan Jones.

The receivers seemed to struggle getting open as oftentimes, Tua was trying to fit the ball into tight windows. Meanwhile, the Patriots receivers always seemed to have a nice cushion and in some cases were running wide open.

The Ugly

Tua had an ugly game, completing 59% of his passes (one incompletion was a bad drop by Jaylen Waddle) and throwing 1 TD and 1 pick. He also ran for a TD. The drives to start each half were things of beauty, with the Dolphins getting touchdowns in each and Tua looking confident. But in between was a mish-mash of inconsistency.


A win is a win and the Dolphins were the only team to win in the AFC East, so that's a good start to the season. It was also a win on the road, in New England, which is a rarity. A team that wins on the road against a tough opponent despite not playing well is a team that demonstrates other intangible elements that are important to winning. So this is a good sign.

But next week the Dolphins will play the Bills in Miami, coming off a disappointing loss against the Steelers. The Dolphins will need to put together a better performance to win that one.


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