The Dolphins signed WR Kenny Stills to a four-year, $32 million deal.$20 million in guaranteed. So, my feelings on this is that the Dolphins made a move to keep the offense moving forward by signing Stills. Stills had bigger offers on the table, so, someone was going to sign him. He took less to sign with our Dolphins which means that the culture is changing in Miami. Therefore, analysts outside the Dolphins are going to criticize this move, but those of us sort of on the inside know that this was a big win for the Dolphins.


The Dolphins signed DE Andre Branch to a 3 year, $27 million contract yesterday. That's $9 million a year. Branch was a spark plug and a nice surprise for us, so, it was important to keep him around. A little more expensive than I would have paid for him, but the draft is strong with defensive linemen, so, we can add another in the draft. I will also have to see how much we guaranteed his contract.


Go Fins!

Big Dave