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The Good

It was nice to see Allen Hurns get a TD after his brutal injury in the Cowboys game.

Devante Parker and Preston Williams did a nice job getting open for Ryan Fitzpatrick and helped move the chains.

Raekwon McMillan continues to always be around the ball making tackles. I like what he brings to this defense. Jerome Baker and Sam Eguaveon made a few plays as well. While Pittsburgh ran right through Miami the LBs at least slowed some of the bleeding.

Miami dominated the first 25 minutes of the game and should have stepped on Pittsburgh's and Mason Rudolph's throat, but...


The Bad

As usual, this team cannot make halftime adjustments or carry any sort of momentum into the second half.

Turnovers continue to kill any chance at a victory. Nick O'Leary, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mark Walton all contributed to that cause and unfortunately, Minkah Fitzpatrick was involved in both interceptions.

Mark Walton did not seize the opportunity to prove he can be Miami's running back of the future under the prime time lights. That ugly fumble was probably the second biggest momentum killer in the game.


The Ugly

What on earth was with the 3rd and 20 all-out blitz? Xavien Howard wasn't even within 10 yards of his man and it was an open highway for the momentum-changing TD. Calls like that are why people will continue to question whether some level of coaching is in on the tank.

The refs have become a problem. If the NFL doesn't slow down on the whistles you'll see some fans go from fanatic to more casual. It's not that the refs decided the game but you can't throw flags on every play.

How are Miami's coaches being figured out so easily via halftime adjustments? Seriously, what is going on? It is night and day, and no future college QB is going to save this situation.

The OL went back to being pathetic. I saw J'Marcus Webb, a 330 lb left tackle, get pancaked by 260 lb Bud Dupree. Jesse Davis continues to struggle at tackle and the rookies did nothing at guard. Perhaps this OL and the No Name Secondary are the answers as to why this team loses convincingly in the 2nd half of games.

Miami had this game and should have been up by 3 scores going into halftime. There is no excuse for giving up 27 straight points and losing like that. This was the opportunity to tell Chris Grier and his cowardly tank job to go pound sand, and they botched it on national TV. They just got one step closer to getting their precious Tua and driving fans like myself away from the team I've spent over 30 years cheering on.

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Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins on Oct 24 on FOX Sports.

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