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Dan Jamroz, Phinfever, Miami DolphinsThe Good

Brian Flores, Chad O'Shea, and Patrick Graham got this team, who really had nothing to play for, to give it their all and take down the division champs. Kudos to these guys and their assistants for once again overachieving and making this a great game.

Devante Parker put on another huge performance. Him high pointing a huge catch to save the game-winning drive was a thing of beauty that capped off a great season for the young receiver.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a solid game with timely throws and a big-time, game-winning dart to Mike Gesicki for the win. Hopefully, he returns to quarterback a better roster in 2020.

Isaiah Ford made some clutch 1st down catches and definitely is a future weapon for the team.

The No Name Secondary made enough plays to keep the Patriots honest and tip of the cap to Eric Rowe for the pick-six on Tom Brady.

The Front Seven did a decent job getting some pressure and not allowing Brady to get too comfortable. Graham was only rushing three or four guys yet it was effective. Kudos to Trent Harris for his sack and I noticed Andrew Van Ginkel on a few plays.


The Bad

The tackling was pretty bad and probably my only complaint. I would have said the run defense was bad but they actually penetrated and set the edge. They just stunk at tackling which allowed New England to chug out yards.

Albert Wilson had some drops and was quite frustrated with himself. Not terrible but it almost cost Miami in a couple of key situations.


The Ugly

The offensive line wasn't great, but they did enough to keep the game respectable. We gave these guys a lot of grief this year but they played ugly in a decent way.

Same for the running game. It wasn't good, but they got a few key first downs and Fitzpatrick ran one in for a touchdown.

I don't often include the other team in this but Tom Brady and his receivers were surprisingly putrid. Poorly placed throws and a bunch of drops made their once fearsome passing game look very pedestrian. Have they finally regressed? Let's hope Father Time finally caught up with him.

Well gang, put 2019 in the books. I can't say it was always fun, but Miami went out with a bang and I loved every minute of it. I imagine we will see a ton of changes beginning in February/March when free agency begins. Obviously the big question is what will happen at quarterback with Fitzpatrick possibly retiring and Josh Rosen still being an unknown. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and that 2020 is a big step in the right direction for our Miami Dolphins.

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