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Rich Rodriguez, Phinfever, Good, Bad, and Ugly Game analysisThe Good

Ryan Fitzpatrick looked a lot better this week against a very good Bills defense. 65% completion, 328 yards and 2 TDs each week would typically mean a win if the rest of your team does its job. But they didn't so....

The running game was more productive, with Myles Gaskin continuing to lead the way. The Dolphins averaged 4.5 ypc. However, the Dolphins chose to throw 47 passes versus 22 runs in what was a close game all day. In a game like this, why not run the ball a bit more, take more time off the clock, give your defense more of a rest and keep the opposing offense off the field? Back to Gaskin, he also caught 6 passes for 36 yards.

Mike Gesicki having the breakout game! Good to see. 130 yards and a TD.


The Bad

This defense was designed to stop the run first. But it allowed 111 yards and 4.8 ypc. On top of that, Josh Allen had a career game with 417 yards and 4 TDs. The defense has more of a "read and react" feel, which I think is a terrible way to run a defense. I prefer "seek and destroy". The Dolphins, specifically their coaches, need to make some adjustments and soon on this side of the ball.


The Ugly

Despite good production on offense, the Dolphins lost. They start the season 0-2 and it is in large part because their defense still cannot stop the run. For a QB like Josh Allen, the running game sets the table. The Dolphins have to start shutting down the run, or this will be a long season.



Not an unexpected start against two tough AFCE opponents. I believe most reasonable people would have had us at 0-2 at this point. But the concern is how badly the defense has played thus far, with spending big bucks on a shutdown corner and adding a bunch of players that specialize in stopping the run first, so far the blueprint is a failure. Let's see if some of the issues can be addressed against the Jaguars.

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