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The Good

This section left intentionally blank.

The Bad

Tua Tagovailoa had his worst game as an NFL QB, throwing 3 picks. Right now, Tua has done nothing to convince any objective (i.e. not a Tua fanboy) that he is the QB of the future. Yes, the wide receivers struggle to get open. Yes, the running game needs a ton of improvement. But watching Tua throw, his arm strength isn't convincing when he does decide to go downfield, which isn't often. His accuracy beyond 10 yards is inconsistent at best. He has played very tentatively. Whether by design or because that is in his DNA remains to be seen. I wouldn't put it past the Dolphins to make another splash move at QB this offseason. And I wouldn't blame them. If I were them, I would not rest all my laurels in the Tua basket.

The defense was atrocious. After a solid 1st quarter, they completely fell apart. Josh Allen did whatever he wanted in what was essentially a warm-up game for the playoffs for him. Nik Needham couldn't cover Isaiah McKenzie even if he knew what route he was running before the play. After an incredible season, it was such a letdown by this defense.

The Ugly

Even though the Dolphins are "ahead of schedule" in their rebuild, the way they lost to the Bills was disconcerting. It goes counter to everything this team showed this season. The team played through injuries, hung tough with the defending Superbowl champs and finished with a winning season. Despite this, the loss to the Bills raised some serious eyebrows regarding the lack of talent and the overall coaching.


The future looks bright for the Dolphins. They finished 10-6 and have the 3rd and 18th pick in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. The Dolphins will also have a high-2nd rounder to go with their mid-2nd rounder. They are well-positioned to pick up some talented players again.

However, a huge question mark remains at quarterback. Tua Tagovailoa did very little to demonstrate he is the quarterback of the future. In fact, we have more questions than answers. Can he throw deep? Can he throw intermediate? Can he command a team? Can he show significant improvement in year 2?

The Dolphins have two viable paths here:

1. Acquire talent, specifically at wide receiver, to give Tua weapons to throw to that can get separation and focus on improving the run game significantly. Draft a QB later in the draft as an insurance policy. The risk in doing so is the Dolphins may "waste" time and resources to prop up Tua for him to not develop into a franchise QB.

2. Take another QB at the top of the draft, therefore immediately creating a QB controversy and forsaking at least one pick that could be spent on top offensive talent. The reward here may be that you finally address the QB position, which is the most important position on the field and one that HAS TO BE addressed in order to turn the franchise into a viable Superbowl contender.

It will be an interesting offseason, for sure.

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2022 Preseason Game 1: Dolphins at Buccaneers; 7:30 pm EST

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