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Dan Jamroz, Phinfever.comIt has been an unusually quiet week for Miami in the free-agent market.

I don't think any major moves are in the works to sign a player although rumors of inking Seattle RB Chris Carson popped up yesterday. Miami's only major need at this point is an Edge to replace Shaq Lawson. The two best available are Melvin Ingram and Carlos Dunlap, but both are older than what Miami targets.

Per Barry Jackson, Miami sits at $12.5 million under the cap but will need to create room to accommodate rookies, practice squad guys, and some cushion. Something will have to give.

I don't think it would be a stretch to see if Miami will try and trade some WRs, notably Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant, and Allen Hurns. Fetching more than a conditional 7th Round pick is a pipe dream but it is at least something better than a release.

I would not be surprised if Miami tried to trade for an Edge, possibly with a swap of draft picks. Maybe a team looking to move up in the draft would send one?

Speaking of the draft, a few things come to mind. If the rumors are true about Carolina going all-in on Deshaun Watson it hurts Miami's chances of getting a haul for the 3rd overall pick. I do not think either Philly or Detroit will be aggressive in moving up. Flores also hinted at staying in the Top 10 so that eliminates San Francisco. Word is Atlanta is hot for Trey Lance so maybe the best you get is them flipping a mid-round pick to secure the 3rd pick. This of course hinges on Carolina landing Watson.

My deeper thoughts are focusing on Miami repeating what they did last year. If I had to guess I think they might be aiming to trade back into the 1st Round for a player, similar to acquiring Noah Igbinoghene. Perhaps they grab a receiving target in the Top 10 (my current favorites are Kyle Pitts and Jaylen Waddle), use the 18th pick on either Najee Harris or Travis Etienne (they worked him out a lot), and trade back into Round 1 for a pass rusher (Azeez Ojulari and Joseph Ossai would be the targets). If they don't have to give up the 50th pick to make that move then they should be sitting pretty to grab a center with starting capability. This scenario seems like a Chris Grier type of strategy.

Feel free to agree or disagree.

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