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Fins 15, Bengals 27 Highlights

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Dan Jamroz, Jammer, PhinfeverThe Good

The defensive line put up a good fight. Christian Wilkins had a sack and made several stops. Adam Butler and Zach Sieler had some clutch moments. Jaelan Phillips was a mad man applying pressure and chasing people down.

Elandon Roberts and Brandon Jones made their presence felt. Roberts with a pick-six and forced fumble. Jones tallied two sacks on some awesome blitzes.

I didn't see it but there was a lot of mention about Byron Jones limiting Darren Waller to season-low numbers. That is impressive.

Mike Gesicki showed up with 10 catches and a huge one on 4th and 20 in overtime. They have to get him more involved for chunk plays.

The Bad

What on earth was up with the Offensive play calling? Talk about the ultimate combination of coaching scared and relying on Gimmicks. Miami's offense has no identity and was bailed out by some good, early play from the defense. The execution was bad but the coaches seem to really lack confidence in what this offense can do.

The offensive line was better than last week but that is not saying much. Liam Eichenberg disappointed at right tackle, and outside of a great block on Malcolm Brown's TD I thought Austin Jackson struggled. Eichenberg needs to be the left tackle and Robert Hunt should kick outside to right tackle.

The defense whiffed on way too many tackles and the coverage was leaky at times. They were gassed from being on the field for so long but that has to tighten up.

The Ugly

Jacoby Brissett had some clutch moments very late in the game, but man is he slow to process. His errant throw on that poorly called screen pass is why the Raiders were able to get a safety. Brissett did not see open guys down field and routinely threw check downs. I heard Charles Davis mention a few times how Brissett isn't seeing things and holding the ball too long. The only reason I don't have him in the bad section is because of the clutch plays and TD run.

Miami has two more difficult games before the schedule softens up a bit. They clearly missed Tua's quick trigger these last two games and you can see the difference in how he sets guys up for big gains where Brissett does not. Hopefully the offensive line sorts itself out because they are not consistently giving Tua or Brissett chances to throw down field. The coaches on the offensive side of the ball also need to get an identity and move forward. They will get destroyed in the Adam Gase world of gimmicks.

On to Indy!

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