If Steve Ross has me as GM I'm doing the following this offseason:

Cleaning out Grier, Flores and the coordinators. Hiring someone with experience building a team. There is enough information, now coming from Adam Beasley at PFN, that some players have said they don't want to be in Miami anymore. After watching the vets all get axed after one year, or Bobby McCain getting zero reward for his loyalty, do you blame them?

I'm cutting bait with guys who just are either poor talent evaluation, oft-injured, or too big of a project. Albert Wilson, Preston Williams, Justin Coleman, Noah Igbinoghene, Austin Jackson (allowed 5 pressures alone this Sunday), Jacoby Brissett, and some of the bottom roster guys.

Depending on the progress of Liam Eichenberg, I'm putting big money or a trade in place for whichever tackle position he doesn't play. I'm also putting a very high trade target or free agent money at a true center. I admire the work Michael Dieter has done but Miami needs a true general snapping the ball.

I'm extending Mike Gesicki (if he even wants to still be here) and finding a true blocking TE. Durham Smythe and Adam Shaheen are nice backups but we have seen them (and Gesicki) fail in key blocking moments. Maybe Hunter Long develops but let's not play the hope game as Grier and Flores seem to have done this year.

I'm also shoring up the defensive line with bullies. Christian Wilkins is fine at times, as are Zach Sieler and Adam Butler, but its getting old watching them get pushed back consistently. The occasional tackle for a loss is nice, but they lack consistency. Also, get a nice contract in place for Emmanuel Ogbah and find competition for Andrew Van Ginkle. VG is a nice player but I'm not sure he is more than a JAG.

The LBs and secondary would benefit from a better front 4.

Finally, get a true running back. I don't care if the guy only averages 3.5 YPC. Just get someone who can fall forward and gain an extra yard or two rather than someone who is consistently pulled backwards.

Thus ends the rant.