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Jets 6, Fins 11 Highlights

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The Good

Raheem Mostert was the lone bright spot on offense in this game. Mostert had 113 yards and 1 TD at 6.3 ypc, giving the Dolphins a ground game that should have led to a better passing game via playaction.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the Dolphins couldn't take advantage of the running game because they were down to their 3rd string QB, a 7th round pick who looked good in preseason against back ups and therefore some thought should get a chance to start against 1st stringers. I'm guessing that notion has been oblitered after Skylar Thompson's performance. No fault of Skylar's, he was put in a tough spot that he clearly was not ready for.

The Dolphins defense is starting to resemble the old "bent but don't break" defenses of the Tom Olivadotti days, that eventually broke. Against the Patriots, the defense played well. Against the Ravens and Bills, the defense gave up a ton of yards, but they were able to create stops at criticam moments in the game. Against the Bengals and Jets, the defense gave up some plays and have been unable to stop anyone. The defense bent and it's now broken. Granted, the defense is based on having two shutdown corners on the outside and that isn't the case with both high-paid corners riding the pine.

The Ugly

The NFL's new concussion protocols are a joke. It is an over-reaction to the Tua injury. Now, a guy who tweaks an ankle can be considered needing to be in the protocol because he looked a little shaky to a spotter while trying to walk it off. This will backfire on the NFL and they will need to peel this back.


The Dolphins are now 3-2 and it has become clear just how important Tua is to this team. They are not in the game without him. The defense isn't dependable. Special teams are shaky. You can see the difference in the efficiency of the passing game when Tua is in versus Bridgewater and obviously Thompson.

You can bet the Dolphins will now push for Tua to return before the season gets out of hand.

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