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The Good

Tua Tagovailoa continued his ascendency with another solid outting, completing 73% of his passes for 244 yards and 2 touchdowns. One new wrinkle Tua showed in this game was his ability to work the tempo offense like a surgeon. In one touchdown drive, Tua went 11/12 while calling plays at the line and executing quick passes. His pocket awareness, accuracy and on point ball placement are asset when you consider the little amount of time he has in the pocket.

Jaylen Waddle continues his torrid pace of pass catching, adding 9 more catches to his already hefty sum this season. Waddle now owns the Dolphins rookie catch record. He is on pace for 106 catches this season, which would break Anquan Boldin's NFL rookie catch record of 101.

Xavien Howard continues intercepting passes. Nothing new to see here.

But Jaelan Phillips is something new. He has 5 sacks the past two games as he added 2 more against the Giants. Phillips now owns the Dolphins rookie sack record with 8.5 sacks.

Overall, the Dolphins defense was studly again, not allowing a touchdown and giving up only 250 total yards while amassing 3 sacks and 1 interception.

The Bad

There is definitely something wrong with Jason Sanders as he keeps missing makeable field goals. Hopefully we can chock it up to a change in the holder or something, because he is on pace to have his worst year as a pro.

The Dolphins lead the NFL in drops, and contributed 6 more against the Giants. Tua would have been 37 of 41 if all those catchable balls had been caught. Gesicki seemed to be the main culprit, failing to come up with some catchable passes, including one that would have gone for a touchdown.

The Ugly

While the offensive line did offer a cleaner pocket for Tua against a very good front, the run blocking was still pretty bad. The left side of the line seems to get some push at times, but the holes close up quickly. Running up the middle was basically useless for the Dolphins. It would be nice to see what Tua could accomplish if he had a run game to take some of the pressure off.


From a 7-game losing streak to a 5-game winning streak, the Dolphins season so far is a tale of two teams. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a tale of three teams and we keep this thing going. The Dolphins are now officially "in the hunt" for a wildcard playoff spot, something that was unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

Rich Rodriguez, Phinfever, Miami DolphinsThe Good

Is Tua Tagovailoa finally showing he is the man? Against a top pass defense with little pass protection to speak of and limited weapons, Tua went 27 of 31 for 230 yards and 1 touchdown.

Is Jaylen Waddle finally showing he is a franchise wide receiver? 9 catches for 137 yards and a TD with a long of 57 is a far cry from the running back YPC we have been seeing from Waddle all year.

Is Jaelan Phillips finally showing he was worth a first round pick? 3 sacks, 4 QB hits and 1 pass defensed. It seems he is growing into the linebacker role.

The defense was monstrous, allowing only 64 yards rushing, 134 yards passing and amassing 3 INTs and 5 sacks.

The special teams unit blocked a punt and converted it for a touchdown.

The Bad

The offensive line provided little protection for Tua and few running lanes for the running backs. Botched snaps were also a problem.

The Ugly

Turnovers, blocked punts, special teams TDs. These were staples of the 2020 Dolphins that are making an appearance a little too late in 2021. It makes one wonder, what happened in the first half of the season that none of these things were happening and now they are? Is it a young team finally coming of age?


The Dolphins have won four in a row after starting off 1-7 and losing some very winnable games against bad teams. Now they are beating tougher teams like the Ravens and Panthers. Again, where was this early in the season? Where were the special teams and defensive plays that changed games? That were a staple of the 2020 Dolphins? And why have these things reappeared? Now the Dolphins are a couple of games out of a playoff spot and Flores is making a case for keeping his job another year. Come to think of it, so is Grier with the recent success of Waddle, Phillips and Holland, who appear to be three future playmakers for this team.


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